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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Answer: Is the Sky Blue?

This morning my six year old son had an appointment with a psychologist. He was evaluated because we are searching for a diagnosis in order for him to continue receiving an hour of one-on-one speech therapy each week. Therapy which is completely paid for by our county.

Because his report card is perfect and because extensive genetic testing didn't turn up a particular disorder, this is our last resort. Not that I want my son to be labeled, but those therapy sessions cost $250.00 a week and are extremely beneficial. I would hate to kiss them goodbye.

We certainly can't swing an extra bill for $1000.00 a month. Not unless we want to give up something like oh, Without a diagnosis of some sort, speech therapy will be no more.

So I was pretty thrilled when I was filling out forms for the psychologist and read the question - Does your child ever make inappropriate comments to people such as, "Your sweater is ugly" or "You're fat"?

Because if they're judging him based on that? I don't have a thing to worry about.

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Would my kids calling me a dork qualify them? Sure, it's true, but it's just not right.
Hell, I think I'd like judging on that basis.
Is the Pope Catholic?

I laughed out loud -- just from reading your posts I know you're in like Flynn!
Just tell him to do his best, er... worst... good luck!
You definitely are a lock for a diagnosis if they want to base it on that!
I'm sure the Doc has plenty of angles to work here. hehehehe
Funny how what would be a negative can be a positive. Very good!
Lol. I REALLY hope that you get the diagnosis you need to get him continued therapy that is helping him so much.
Seriously?? Wow! Funny how things one would not typically think to be a symptom of something - IS! I think that's fascinating. Just like some people with ADD tend to leave drawers open, or not walk in a straight fashion ... inadvertently running a mate into a light post, for example.

You should be golden in your case!
Give them your URL. That should satisfy their requirements. =)
Wow, if that's a qualification then I think have of my daughter's 1st grade class qualifies.

Good luck! As the mom of an undiagnosed little one I know how difficult this process is.
so his diagnosis will be that your son is a kid, eh? Interesting...

Seriously- isn't it amazing what we could afford if food wasn't a necessity.
*snort* can you submit blog posts with your application?
We used our last PT appointment (until July) today, so now we have to petition the insurance company and the hospital social worker etc...
And what kid doesn't make those sorts of comments? Hopefully for you that is one in your favor. No food really would suck.
Based on that my entire family could get free sessions.
I hope they come thru for you.
my shrinks have always found something to diagnose me under that satisfied my insurance. i'm sure yours can too if he really tries!
The last sentence must have been a link hell, 'cuz, damn, that little boy of yours knows how to make the most appropriate comments ever. (and I do mean appropriate) Love him!
Well, good luck, but heck, if that's the criteria they're looking for, heck, everyone would be eligible! Sorry for laughing at that last line!
Fingers crossed for both of you. I know what it's like waiting, but still hoping not so much, for a specific diagnosis.
So that was my really good laugh that I needed today! Jared was right that I would find it here!!! I thought all kids said things like that as soon as they learned to form sentences? If that's all it takes, then I know quite a few in our neighborhood who need to be in speach therapy! Here's hoping the county continues to pay for it!
Oh, you are SO in there!!
I love how you could cram so many linked examples in that last sentence. And I'm pretty sure you could have written a whole paragraph that way. I love your kid!

Crosses fingers that he can keep his speech therapy.
heh. Good luck!

And food? Who needs food?
Sweet! Then I'm signing my 4 year old for therapy DAILY for the time I asked him "Who is the *best* mommy EVER?" to which he replied, "Well, you're the best *motherfucker* ever..."

Huh. Bastard. At least the kid's not a liar, right?
See, you knew he was saying those things for a reason! ;)
How about... "you're not old exactly, daddy - just well, elderly..." Thanks, Sally!
It's like they were following him around with a microphone. Or have been following your blog.
i'm working on getting my daughter a diagnosis to get free in school learning help...
tomorrow we go to the neurologist.
because, like you, i can't afford the hundreds of dollars/mo extra for tutoring without giving up things like electricity, running water and food.
good luck hon!!
and seriously...
comments like that...
my kids would all be riding the short bus if that was what qualified them.
Can I just tell you that if I ever had the opportunity to meet your son, I would be a nervous wreck. Seriously!
thanks for your comment on the cloth diapers, but it has nothing to do with saving the environment---it's saving $$ :)

i hope it went well, i'm crossing my fingers!

well, you've got THAT one locked in!
YES! I'm so glad your brilliant boy asks those questions. I hope you get to keep his speech therapy.
Yeah, I know, we have those weird questions on a bunch of forms. Goofy shrinks!

Won't the county continue to pay simply on the basis of his need for the speech therapy? I bet his speech pathologist can demonstrate his need for it. Or, what about his school district? Can't they pay? His PUBLIC school district is legally obligated to provide him with the services he needs, even if he attends private school. (Although most schools will deny they have this
responsibility)... but it's the "squeaky wheel", right?

Good luck!!!
My son had speech therapy for awhile, so I know how huge a help it can be.

That question bodes extremely well for you, but in case they don't say it's enough to warrant continuing services, I recommend you gather any materials the therapist can offer you, and prepare to walk him through all the exercises you can remember.

Good luck!
That is really strange; that you would need some other diagnosis to get speech therapy. In my district, all you would need is a speech problem that interferes with communication/social interaction. I don't understand why that need couldn't stand alone. Sheesh!
ha ha ha ha...Yeah, I think your son has 'inappropriate comments' covered. And, he is sooo darn cute! son is autistic and he just says what he sees...not good at all!
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