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Momo Fali's: He Shouldn't Talk About Those Cheerleaders Like That

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

He Shouldn't Talk About Those Cheerleaders Like That

The other day, my husband was wearing one of his many Dallas Cowboys t-shirts. Our six year old son was sitting on his lap, touching the star emblem.

My husband looked down, then asked, "Is that your favorite football team?"

Our boy nodded and said, "Yeah...because I like cows."

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Aaww. Out of the mouth of babes.
I wish I looked like one of those cows!
Too funny; and I am SO with Mrs. Schmitty above. I think if I lost 30 lbs. and grew a foot, I might qualify! :)
Hah! Yeah, next your hubby will be making comments about the cow's udders....
LOL! Such a man (well, one in the making at least).
Hehe...I like cows too then. :D
Ha ha! They get attracted to those udders at such a young age!
Haha, you've got me laughing like crazy here. :)
Oh my goodness. HILARIOUS!!!!! :) poor cheerleaders. (HA!)
probably the best reason to support them, frankly...
I'm mooo-ved by this.
I love cows.
When my daughter Rachael was 5 she was in school and the teacher was discussing names, specifically middle names. Rachael pipped up and told everyone that her Dad's middle name was Harry. The teacher wondered if that was an ancestor's name or where he may have gotton that name from.
Rach exclaimed "no, none of that,its because he's got a hairy (harry) butt".
I laugh hysterically at this, only because a friend of mine was one of them for about 4 years :-)

gotta love those kids.
I have to share that one with Dallas Cowboy lovin' hubby ;)
Go cows avoid the slaughterhouse.
I love that boy. It almost makes me want to try for one, then I think, naaaaah. :D
And you'll tell his wife all about this when he's older! :)
seriously what are you feeding that child. you really need to record all these things and come out with a greatest hits album.
lol ... men ... and little men. Gotta love em :)
aww.....thats too cute. Your son gets more adorable every single day
Awwww, I also love cows. I mean, real cows. Not cheerleaders. Just in case that's what you thought I meant. Because I didn't.
After last season I will go with that answer too now.
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