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Monday, October 27, 2008


Just over a month ago, I was out of town and my six year old son got sick with a sinus infection. My husband took him to the pediatrician on a Saturday, which meant seeing a different doctor than we normally do.

The doctor they saw is a lovely, kind, intelligent woman, but is that what my kid focused on? Of course not. He instead greeted this complete stranger by saying, "You have a really, really, really, big nose."

So when my daughter had an asthma attack last Saturday and I had to schedule an appointment with the same doctor, I warned my boy not to say a word.

And I think the kid is starting to comprehend what I'm saying, because as the doctor with the big nose was examining my daughter, I looked down to see my son biting his lips so hard I thought they might bleed.

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haha: FINALLY!

Congratulations...I think you've turned a corner! :)
He listened--woohoo!!!
LOL...children are so honest-thats why no one under the age of 6 is allowed in my house...I dont need to be reminded that my ass is big!
Sigh! You ruined all his fun!

That's too funny! At least he was trying, now it's on to trying without causing personal injury :-)
That's funny. My little guy once pointed out an overweight man's belly to him (as if he were unaware of his own girth). The mouths of babes.
You could also try the rubberband trick.
Tell him to wear it on his wrist and snap it when he feels himself getting ready to bubble over with his insight and wisdom!
She IS a doctor. She HAS to have a friend or cohort who is a plastic surgeon... no?

Maybe now she NOSE what she wants for Christmas from her hubby? OK yeah, that was bad.
Poor little guy. Well at least he spared you some humiliation. His poor lip though!!

perhaps he can teach ME how to keep my foot out of my mouth!
But how big is her nose really?
ahhh, kids and their honestly.
It's fabulous that he listened to you, but really, how big was her nose.
It's so nice when they finally listen to you.
Thanks for your comment, but you just missed(by seconds)the latest post being rolled out.
I wonder if she noticed.
I so wish someone would do a sitcom totally based on your son. It's be one of the top rated shows, hands down.
He is showing excellent restraint....that is soooo hard for a boy his age. It's actually so hard for a boy of any age when presented with something of such monumental proportions. Good job mom! :)
Very funny! I (as we all have) been there many a time. I always feel bad about saying something, since they are really just making observations. They certainly don't mean to be hurtful.

Hopefully, you hooked him up for the enormous amount of restraint he showed. :)
That poor doctor, you know kids must comment on that all the time!!

Good for your son, showing some restraint. lol Too funny!!
at least he didn't smack her butt, like at the wedding!
I see my own son's future here. I hope we can get through to him as you obviously did with yours.
I really hope I get to meet your son one day! He is quite hilarious! Although I am afraid of what he might say about me!
that warrants 3 gold stars & two thumbs up with a side of fries!
hey! That's what I call progress! he should get all the icecream in the world for that!
your kid is awesome.

i hope your daughter is feeling better!
OMG... that was priceless Momo!!!!

Hope the kiddies are all better now.
OMG... that was priceless Momo!!!!

Hope the kiddies are all better now.
ah...children and their total lack of filter. it's the same thing that has my daughter saying "wow, mommy, you have such a big bum!" lovely.
Ahhhh, but what am I going to laugh at now that he has a filter????
Better than my little brother at age 8 saying, "you sure are getting fat. Are you pregnant?" I thought my mom was going to have a stroke. hahahaha
I'm not particularly looking forward to my son amping up this traditional habit as he ages, but you know, it's gotta be nice to have certain things laid out in the open sometimes, right?

I mean, once you get over the horrible embarrassment and you realize, "Hey, I'M not the one who said it, and it IS true, so what's the big deal? Fatty/Big-Nose/Ugly/Gimpy/Bad-Hair/Smarmy/Dummy/Moley can get over it, and in precious few cases, learn from the experience and make important life changes."
Thank God when my son makes comments like those half the time people don't understand what he is saying (he speaks to me in English and almost everyone here only speaks Italian). But you never know when they might understand!!

What do you say right after the comment?? especially when it's true??? "Ignore him, he's really clinically insane/blind...?"
Hilarious! Gotta love kids...
At least he was able to hold back, right? I'm sorry to hear about the asthma attack, I hope she's okay. Asthma is NO fun, I hate it when that flares up.
He's such s funny kid! LOL!
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