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Thursday, January 8, 2009

He Descends From George Jefferson

Yesterday morning I was giving my son some medicine when I accidentally bumped his head on a kitchen cabinet. Without even thinking I said, "Bonk!"

My son laughed. So I tickled him a little and said, "You're bonkers!" He laughed even harder.

Then I remembered where we would be fifteen minutes later and I said, "By the way, when we get to school you can't go around calling people bonkers. I was being silly, but it wouldn't be nice to say that to your classmates."

To which he replied, "Okay. I'll just call them crackers."

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Good thing he doesn't life down here in MS!

I heart your son. I truly do.
great comeback! i love how you were worried that he would go around school saying that all day. i would never have even thought to warn him not too. guess it's a good thing i'm not a mom. :)
Oh wow- that could get ugly! I say Bonk all the time we I bump my kids' head- accidentally, of course!
That's fantastic. ;) YOur son just cracks me up.
So funny!

do you remember the candy, in the 80's, called "bonkers"?
That was a good laugh, and I'm a total cracker!
don't worry, one day he'll move on up.

i remember i had to sit in the corner one day in first grade because i told a very good friend she was a purple people eater, and i really was just being silly with her. years later i realized that the teacher may have thought i was being racist towards my friend, last name 'chu'. i'd like to go find that teacher and punch her, but she's probably dead now.

i have thought about that way too much, haven't i...
Oof! What do you say then, "No, no, it's OK, call them bonkers!"??
You should keep a notebook of all the hilarious things your son says. It could be a best seller. He cracks me up.
Never a dull moment...
bahahaha.. king of the one liners that one..
Lovely. I'm imaging the conference with the principal right now. ;-)
Suddenly bonkers sounds like a perfectly acceptable thing to say.
LMAO! too funny!
so are you crimson OR orange toite?
So funny! Let us know when you get a call from the school!
So funny! Let us know when you get a call from the school!
OMG, sounds like the conversation I was having with the 6 year old the other should never teach your kid what SOL or STFU means right before you put them on the bus...just sayin'...
LMAO. He would.
LOL - maybe bonkers wasn't so bad, after all! ;)
That kills me.
Ah, bonkers isn't so bad. I did a spit take on that!

And speaking as an 'accidental cracker' (I grew up in SE Virginia), I would have rather been called bonkers!

I'd buy your son a beer, but well, he's too young. Can I buy you a beer?
Ah, I've had this conversation. Only mine is why it's ok to call daddy fat and laugh but not ok to call mommy fat. Or anybody else who is not daddy.
haha Cute conversation. We have all kinds of talks about what's ok to say at home and NOT AT SCHOOL. SOOOOOO Many of those talks. It's scary.
bwahahah! Your son is a hoot!
goodness I love that kiddo of yours ;-)

'crackers' oh yeah, that is soooo much better than bonkers mom :-)
Is it wrong that I sort of hope he call them crackers?
I see nothing wrong with calling them all crackers or bonkers! lol :)
I prefer caucasian! That was a good one.
LOL--he got you there, mama!
Oh, I can't wait to have kids! :)
Better than honkey I suppose!
LOL! Oh Boy! Did he do it? Did you get any phone calls from school? LOL!
Today my 3.5 year old asked if it was ok to call people pillow heads...kind of like bonkers I guess:)
i'm thinkin' yeah, the first option was better.
That is MUCH better....hahaha
Now that's a good one!

god, i love your kid. i want to steal him. ;)
FER REALZ, Momo. You have got to get this kid an agent!!
First time over to your blog! This is so funny. I had forgotten all about the Jeffersons.
OMG... I love him.

Still mad at you for not visiting me while you were at your Sister's house. Next time?
Sure, "accidentally"!

How did the cracker classmates take it?
Nice sharing Momo ....
Calling people bonkers ain't all that bad.

I've heard much worse.

Been called a cracker on the basketball court too.
He definitely thinks on his feet!
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