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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

If Only Target Sold Sand In Which To Bury My Head

My five year old son has a game he likes to play, where he runs up our steps and I run after him trying to pinch him. We do it whenever we’re both going upstairs. I created this method to get him in the vicinity of the bathtub, without any struggle.

But, please take my advice. Before you consider implementing this pinching game, you should also consider that your child may one day run down the main aisle at Target, look over his shoulder and loudly shout, “Hey Mom!! Come get me, and pinch my butt!”

Just hypothetically…

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Oh, my... (guffawing with an ouch)
Haha! At least he wasn't running after the store manager trying to pinch HIS butt. Right?
**Bing Bong**
"social services to aisle 5 please, social services to aisle 5"
**Bing Bong**

Oh how embarrassing! We somehow taught my little brother (don't remember how) to say 'ho-ho-homie' when he was about 2. It was around Christmas, and he hadn't said it in ages, until my mom had him at the grocery store, and he said it to some guy in the cereal aisle. My mother wanted to die she was so embarrassed.

But I have to agree with the comment above-at least he wasn't going after someone else trying to pinch them.
That is too funny and embarrassing as all hell. I would have turned bright red!!
Is it weird that I wouldn't be embarrassed? LOL
hahaha, that is classic!
HAH! I love it!
I should not laugh, since we have a game called "drum buns." I can only hope that neither of my kids will run through Target asking to be treated like bongos. But it will probably happen one day...
That's almost has bad as having your children yelling 'do YOU have to go stinky daddy?' when you take them to the bathroom at your favorite restaurant.
That's funny!

Zoe loves the movie Elf and has taken to loud belching (I can't imagine who taught her how) in public places. Then she'll yell, "Did you hear that?!"
Oh my... if I heard that at my local Target, I would have to sit down so's not to wet myself on aisle nine. That is hilarious.
Of course it's only hypothetical. Kids never say things like that in public. They never say things like, "Mom, look at that fat lady!"
That reminds me of when my youngest was about 2. At Montessori School, he learned the proper names for body parts. Sometimes as I picked him up out of a car seat or shopping cart and he got a wedgie, he would say very loudly, " Ow! Mom! Stop!You're hurting my penis!!!"

Now that's embarrassing!
Hee hee . . . providing entertainment , are we?
Haha! That's so funny. I can totally picture it.

I remember when my son was learning rhyming words (and would proudly recite a list of them). One day when we were in Target (maybe it's something about the store...) he was doing duck, truck, etc. Well, you can imagine.
LOL... I can imagine it...

Remind me to hang out in Aisle 5!
Oh tath is a riot!! I would have pretended I didn't know him....
Hahahaha. Classic.
I think that is opne for the first girlfriend... along with the baby photos in the bath... lol
LOL! That is better than what my younger brother used to do when he was a little tyke. Instead of pinching butts, he would bite them ... yep, perfect strangers. Yikes!
I took my mom to the DMV today and my 5 year old niece came along. As soon as she walked thru the door she said "I saw my daddy fingerprinted the other day!"

How do I explain why and that it was all innocent? I don't I ask instead "Did they fingerprint you too?"

People are now looking at me like I'm insane. Well, I am.
Do ya ever feel like you just scored big each time he comes up with this material?
I have been in a similar situation in which you describe. I wish I had found your blog a couple years ago...
Aren't kids the best?
Does that work on wives? I can't wait to go to Target now...
Did you have the authorities follow you to the car?? :)
haha! I can just imagine it. I would be an innocent bystander to this in Target. :)
I'd take that in Target over a laying down on the dirty floor tantrum any day!
Okay, Momo, I have butt issues. I love to pinch and patt little butts. and then they grow up and become, like, ten year olds. What should I do?
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