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Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Feel Like Rodney Dangerfield

I picked up my son from school yesterday, gave him a hug and a kiss, then said, "I really missed you."

He hugged me back, and said, "Aw, thanks. I really missed Daddy."

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That's the story of my life! Sigh...
I'm feeling the love...but I'm not thinking you are.....He cracks me up!
If I attempted to create a causal link between this post to the last one, would that make me brilliant, or hated?
yes... i know this moment so well... :( dumb kids
HAH! I love it!
My 3-year old has yet to figure out what "miss" means. After spending the whole day with me, she'll turn and say, "Oh I missed you, Mommy!"
ROFL!! Poor mommy- but that's hilarious!
Males do not appreciate needy women.

This kid is teaching you life lessons here...

And these are the moments I'm glad L can't talk yet.
Awwww... Mommy needs a vacation. =)
You just *must* get a book and write down these quotes. They will keep you and your husband warm when your hair is gray ;)
I can honestly say that I've never had that problem.

Whenever my husband got in the middle of doing something he couldn't stop right at that moment, like repairing the plumbing, my oldest daughter would demand her busy-and-distracted father's attention right that exact moment, as if his concentrating on something other than her was an insult, and I would answer her, figuring one parent giving her the attention she craved was better than none. She would say in stamp-her-feet protest and I would say in unison in mock protest (because it happened so many times!) "I'm TALKING to *DADDY!*
i so would've left him standing there until "daddy" arrived to pick him up. in fact, i do believe i've done that before with nick.
Yes, welcome to my world. :)
Awww, but still funny.
LMAO! Can't make it up...just awesome because it is so freakin' funny.
You obviously need to go away for longer babe. ;)
I cant. He is the best kid On The Planet
I really miss Rodney Dangerfield now
Right through the heart!
My SIL was out of town all week, and when she picked up her kids from my house today, she said to them, how much she missed them. My older niece said, Did you bring me a prize?? Gotta love 'em anyway.
this really made me laugh.
Your son is too cute. That is priceless!
Ouch!!! But funny... ;)
I can say that those exact words have been uttered to me as well.. sigh.
meowouch! lol
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