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Thursday, November 29, 2007

And It Shook When He Laughed Like a Bowl Full of Jelly

We had a guy here to fix our cable this afternoon. My son took one look at him and said, "You look like Santa!"

The unsuspecting man, who doesn't know my shockingly honest sweet child, replied, "Why? Is it because of my beard?"

My son answered, "No. It's your big, round belly".

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Oh, that's great! How did the cable guy take it?
oh kids...
He took it pretty well. Of course a little while later, my son told him he was "stinky", and that went over like a lead balloon. (That would be the 2nd time my son has called a repairman stinky. Next time I'm going to tell him to play in his room!)
I love when kids just state the obvious. They say the things we THINK outloud!
Hilarious! when my son was around 2.5, we went to a family restaurant for dinner. sitting at a table by us, there was this gross looking man with a beard and an eye patch. really dirty was his wife. my son walks up to him, gives him the lookover and says "You're a pirate. Pirates say arrrr" and he made a little hook gesture with his captain hook. i. was. dying. my blog still freezing on you?
anyway...great post, as usual!
The stinky Santa Claus repair man. Excuse me while I LOL! I can't wait until my boy can talk!
OMG!!! Smiling, rolling my eyes and laughing out loud all at the same time. You know that your writing is providing me a Scooby "preview" (as my son is only 2 1/2). Love it & can't wait to hear more. Hugs! -ee
Cute kid! Love that honesty. LOL!
What a fine line we walk with our kids. Sometimes I know Marcus is going to say something that I'll regret not redirecting, but at the same time, maybe the laughter I get from it (and ensuing bloggability!) will be worth the risk.
And THERE you have it.

Love that kid.
gotta love the honesty of a child. :)
Maybe you should entitle this post "And It Shook When He STRANGLED MY KID Like a Bowl Full of Jelly!"

Was his butt crack showing?
That's so cute. They make great observations, don't they?
:) That sounds like something my daughter would say!
Horror of horrors! So how many shades of red did you turn? ;D
hahaha that is so funny. while i feel your pain for the embarrassment of the moment, you gotta love kids. they truly are a well-spring of material for the blogs, aren't they?
Screw the kids. That sounds like something I would say!

No, not really. We actually had a repairman who stank to high heaven, and I didn't say a word. My son kept asking (out of earshot, I hope) if the guy had pooped his pants. I wanted to say yes so bad! (It really did smell like he had.)
Your son never ceases to amaze me. Christ, I wish I could have been there to hear that.
LOL! That is hysterical!
Kids are great like that.
Oh, nooo! You have my sympathies... I have the twin of your little chatterbox at my house...
hahaha that is so funny! that reminds me so much of what my (then 3 y/o) daughter said when the plumber came over. just as shocking and funny.

thanks for commenting on my murder fiction.

hope your night is awesome dear, kathleen :)
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