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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bosom Buddies

My very pregnant sister-in-law came over for a visit this evening and my son immediately took interest in her big belly.

He rubbed it, he informed her she was having a boy, and then he named that boy, Bubba.

After that he said, "Actually, you have three baby bumps". And, then he touched her stomach and said, "One...".

Anyone want to guess what he touched for two and three?

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my wife has a friend who, each time he learned his wife was pregnant, would sing and dance, "the boobie fairy is coming, the boobie fairy is coming!"
boobs. was it boobs? i think it was boobs.

i seriously think you need to make that kid into a tv program.
LOL! Too funny!

I wonder if he's right, and there really is a Bubba in there?
Oh man. Now THAT is funny.
Bewbs!! Love it, that is so cute. ;-)
3 baby bumps.
LOL - OMG - I agree with Holly - you have GOT to get him his own TV show.

I am STILL crackin' up over here.
When my daughter was about 3, she once told a pregnant friend she dreamt that her baby was going to die. Yeah. (She didn't though, she was fine.)
I gave you a bloggy award!
What'd he name them?
Ahhhhhh ha ha haha...what did SHE say?

How old is your son? That's precious.
that boy of yours is a smart one!
Some guys will do anything to cop a feel!
Oh my! At least she was family.
I love your son so much. How funny is that.
He's a little young to be feeling up his Aunt, no?
It sounds like time to invest in a digital camcorder--that boy will keep your YouTube subscription list FULL!
I got the same thing at the pool the other day. I'm never talking to that kid again.
Uh...her Lovely Lady Lumps? (THANKS, Black Eyed Peas...)
LOVE that kid.
And what did he name them?!?!
let me starts with a b and ends with an s and has an "oob" in the middle?
your so is hilarious! i really hope mine provies me with this much blog material as he gets older!
I'm glad its not just my kid with the boobie fixation. I was leaning over to get something out of the bottom of the dbl stroller while at the Zoo yesterday and he says, loud enough for EVERYONE to hear, "HEY MOM! I CAN SEE YOUR BOOBIES!!!"
Well... they do get bigger when you're preggers.
Hide the Barbies. I know what little boys do to those.
How funny, but ya know. The boy was right.
ahahahaha! lol

I know I say this all the time, but I love your kids! :)
tee hee....youjust have to hand it to him....copping a feel so young...he is a smart cookie! thanks for the smile.
Oh my gosh. I heart him. He's a trip!
Oh god, Bubba and boobs-you are SO raising a redneck there! Love it.
my kids keep asking about my booboos. This morning Jonny(3) complimented me "You has nice booboos mommy"
The 6 year old (Ben) totally cracked up.
and suddenly her understood where triplets come from...
Did he play them like the bongos and you all got up and danced like you were at a drum circle? Or did my imagination get away again?
At least her butt didn't look like a baby bump ;)
Hmmm... a knee and her chin?
I, I do not need to guess that either! HA!
at least he didn't remind her that her head is actually two bumps from her ass.
I would have peed right there on your couch, from laughing SO hard.
Why are boys sooo infatuated with boobs? It starts from day one. My son is so intrigued....ahhh!
Clever little chap, learning early how to cop a feel!
Uh oh...sounds like you have a future doctor on your hands:)
He's the funniest kid! How long do you think he can get away with that one?
VERY, VERY funny!! That reminds me (for some reason) of when I brought newborn Kendall home from the hospital. Kyle smelled her head and said, "Hmm. She smells good. I think I'm going to marry her." Too cute.
Nice. Rolling.on.floor.laughing.

Thank you!!!
milk, milk, lemonade, round the corner....

I'll stop there.
:-) Now that's funny. A picture of your SIL's face would be funnier still!!
You are officially raising a breasts man.
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