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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Got Muscles?

My seven year old son is blatantly honest. This boy once told a cashier that she looked like a fish and told a TV repairman that he looked like Santa because of his big, round belly.

He has mentioned to a good friend of mine that she has a huge forehead, he touched the face of my husband's co-worker and told her that he liked her "little mole" and he once saw two Muslim women wearing headscarves, mistook those headscarves for bandannas, and then called them both pirates.

I never know what he will say.

The other day our puppy, Daisy, wouldn't stop throwing up. After a trip to the vet, a half-dozen x-rays and a barium study, her doctor sent us home with some special canned food and a bottle of Pepcid.

That afternoon, my son was sitting on my lap when he eyed one of Daisy's toys sitting on the floor; a ball you fill with kibble that she can roll around until the treats fall out.

He asked, "Can I put some little bones in Daisy's ball?"

I replied, "No. Not today, buddy. She can't have anything hard right now. The vet gave us those cans because the food inside is soft and squishy."

Then he ran his hand up my sleeve and said, "Oh. Like your arms."

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Bwahahaha! These stories are going to be even funnier to me now that I've met him in person.

Oops, I mean...

Wow Momo, your arms aren't squishy! :)
*snort* He reminds me so much of Andrew! No filter at all.
LMAO! I have to echo Melisa. The stories are funnier now that I've met him. But, your arms aren't really squishy, so take heart!
That's just not right!
So, is he grounded?
Awww...squishy moms are the best anyway. ;)
HA! Kids are great for our self esteem aren't they?
Wow, what a post to come back to. sorry I'm been MIA lately.

But I'm back.
Art Linkletter had to talk to hundreds of kids to put together "Kids Say the Darndest Things". You could do a show with just your one!
Heh! He's hilarious and is sooo lucky he's cute...and your son...because otherwise? He might be in big trouble lol

dying. simply.. rolling.

He is quick as a whip.
OMG I am LMAO! That is funny stuff.
Ha! I love it. At least he didn't say it was like your butt! =)
Kids, wadda they know?
D'OH! Gotta love those boys!

(Ha - love Amy's comment about the butt...)
Awesome. I love that kid.
Olivia tells me that my belly is big and squishy like there is a baby in there....only she has it all wrong. The only time my belly was firm was when there was a baby in there! :)
that has to be why we have kids... to keep us real and humble. :)
He makes me belly laugh...
Ouch! He doesn't have much of a filter between his thoughts and his mouth, does he? (he's awfully cute though)
Awww... though... that's ridiculously cute.

I love how kids don't have that filter. It's just pure love.
I love him so much. I really do. I want to bring him to my house where he can insult me and make me belly laugh alllll day.


How's Daisy feeling, btw?
Kenai told me my belly was like her aunt's WATERBED.
THAT is called turkey waddle and the only thing it doesn't do is gobble. Mine can carry lots of laundry! :)
How To Win Moms and Influence Kibble.
Always nice to have someone in the family to keep you laughing.
Oh, no he DI'N'T!

Wow. From the mouths of babes.
*snort* What a sweetheart! Too funny.
Ahahahahaha!!!! Oh, poor Momo! But I know, unfortunately, EXACTLY what he means; er, for MY arms, that is.

I've never felt yours....
he is priceless.
Ahhh...who needs muscles anyways. :D Funny stuff! :D
Oh snap! I love how kids are never honest about things, they always lie to us.
It sounds like Daddy has some training to do! My mom loves to tell the story of the day I learned not to talk about my moms "mustache". It mysteriously disappeared after that! Oh well, sigh....... -Jason
but in a good way :)
Hahahahahahaahahaaa!! One day my son asked me if the photo on the fridge was taken when "I used to be prettier!"
He strikes again! That boy cracks me up.
Kids and honesty. A deadly combo!
I once asked Sugar what she liked best about her mommy...say said, "YOu are so soft!" LOL thanks.
Soft and squishy arms give better cuddles!
I cant stop laughing!
My kids have learned to say, "you're comfy to lean on, Mom." Thanks. I think.
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