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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Glutton for Punishment

I currently have a part-time job, three writing gigs, a workaholic husband, two kids (who both play sports) and a son in speech therapy one afternoon a week. So, it only seems logical that we went out today and got this.

Daisy, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Daisy.


Cute! I'm a glutton for punishment too.. hubby that travels the country for work, four daughters under eight... logical next step is always a puppy!

All I can say is... Good Luck!

Amy the SaltyMomma
awww, welcome daisy!

(hey, at least she's not a portuguese water dog or a weimereiner - those are even more intense as puppies!)
Awwwwwwwww. She is ADORABLE.

But, I am curious about your writing gigs.... Hmmmmm
Daisy, welcome to the blogosphere. I'm sure your Mom will be writing about your antics any day now. Try not to tear the house apart. You gotta get in the family's good graces for at least a week, then you can poop in their shoes.

Momo? Did no one try to stop you?
GREAT name....!

What is it with Spring?? I was out with my boys today and we almost bought the most adorable chihuhua puppy...even though we have decided NO MORE PETS! Plus, the little thing was $1,300. Seriously.
I am a sucker for Labs, having two of my own. Daisy is gorgeous!
SOOOOO cute! My parents never let us have pets (beyond hampsters), but my first dog "friend" was a neighbor's black lab, Shadow. Such a sweet dog. I just know Daisy's going to bring you all so much joy and love. Enjoy!!!
Yes, Junk Drawer Kathy, as a matter of fact, Momo's BFF (I have a hard time ever typing or saying "BFF" without following it up with, "Hi, I'm a 12 year old".) tried to talk her out of this!! She's crazy! A loon! A glutton for punishm... Aw! But look at Daisy's precious little face! And even more so, I smile to myself thinking of her son's (and daughter's!) precious little face with their new puppy! Sigh. The things we Mothers do for our children! But oh, the joy it brings us when we see the result.

Enjoy Daisy, Mo! Better you than I!!! :)
YES!! I'm going to love reading about the little misadventures of what Daisy does in your home!
Can't wait to see this little poopers antics! Don't worry, Momo, you'll rise to the challenge! xo.
Aw, how completely and utterly precious! :)
The ears! The paws! The nose!

Welcome, Daisy <3
What a sweetie! I'd love a dog but the hubby is 100% against it. He's a grumpy old fart in a 33 year old body.
daisy daisy daisy

you're screwed! ;)
Ack! The cuteness!

We are in the same boat, my friend. We pick up Diesel on May 9th.

Hold me?
I REALLY can't handle that cuteness.
OH MY HELL woman.

Thank heaven this was posted AFTER the kids were asleep or I never would have heard the end of it.

PS Do NOT read me today. do NOT watch the video. I don't want to hear you yell at me about unhealthy food or my silly accent, k? :-) K.

PS will you be at BlogHer? For realz?


You will LOVE her. Our two labs at my mom's house are AHMAHZING and were (relatively) easy to train.

I am SO excited to hear more about her!

(I am seriously grinning with all I have right now! And GREEEEEN with envy!)
now I'M drooling!! very adorable. and yes, you are insane ;)
She's a cutie, but this is exactly why you should limit how much you drink. You wake up and say "What did I do????"
Much better than chemical satisfaction. The needs of our hearts. Yes, it is logical to me. If I tilt my head & shake my foot, it all comes into focus, too.
Ohh, she 's adorable!!

Congratulations :)
You definitely needed something to fill all that spare time.
Hello, Daisy!
Daisy is precious. Adorable, cuteness!! You are going to have plenty of blog fodder for a WHILE now with her in the house.
awwww, im so jealous...

ive been trying to convince the wife to let me get one for months now..
Oh no. She's super cute!! But I'm standing strong. The girls have been begging for a pug for like a year straight. It's not gonna happen...
What classes will Amy be taking?
Awwhhhh. I love her.. she is adorable!!
she's so cute!!! better you than me. my dog puked her entire stomach contents directly in front of my front door. nice thing to step into this afternoon!!
enjoy ;)
I love puppies, just not dogs!!

She is adorable, and yes, you are one crazy lady!!!
I swear being crazy is the only thing that keeps us sane sometimes!!!

Daisy is absolutely adorable!! Congrats.

We just got over the puppy phase with our Doberman, oh I can't wait to read your stories... :)
How adorable is she?!!!
Ooooh, she is beautiful
THAT is so cute. Almost makes me want one so get cracking writing all those posts on the horrors of puppy-raising!
Sooooooo cuuuuuuuute!

Also, you are insane. Puppies are almost as hard as babies.

That being said, awwwwwwwww. Puppies.
Cute puppy. I used to have an adorable yellow lab puppy. Then he grew into a 100 pound shedding, slobbering beast. But I still love him.
Oh gawd. I want a dog sooooo bad!
She is adorable! I love puppy breath, late nights, potty accidents, and sharp puppy teeth! All worth it! :)
welcome Daisy! What a sweetie :)
I'm still not recovered from our puppy episode lol. He's cute but I can't touch him
OH! I am SO jealous!!!

Until I look at Daisy's paws.....Daisy is gonna be a big girl.

But oh! Look at that FACE!!!

I am SO jealous!
I also noticed the paws...she's gonna be huge! But labs are so wonderful. :o)
I am about to do the same thing! Add a puppy to this crazy life...everyone I know thinks I am completely nuts...but I want me a pup. Ever since our golden retriever died four and a half years ago, I have been wanting to get a pup. Just heard of a litter...might be any day now!

I'm willing to bet you'll get some killer blog posts out of the deal!
Aw, welcome Daisy!

Have fun! (this from someone who is the sole taker-carer of one dog, thre cats and five aquariums).
Makes perfect sense to me.
I see the truck, I see the dog; so will your son be Driving Miss Daisy around?
Very cute!
i want a dog, but we are waiting to have money first. i also want a cat. currently we are babysitting my mom's dog and cat and loving it. your dog...adorable!

I don't blame you in the least. That's some pretty sweet self punishment. =)
Uh, good luck with that! Lol. She is cute though.
The only thing you need now to make your life complete are three or four chickens. You can set up a coop in the living room.
Oh I just want to squeeze her all up!!!
OMG, adorable!!!

we love our black lab, Daisy! ♥ may you survive puppyhood!
OMGosh-She's beautiful!! Better you than me, though.
Oh, hon... you are as crazy as I am. I just promised my son that if he potty trained, I would get him a cat. (In my defense, I would be trading cleaning up after one pooping creature for another one that actually poops in a box. Win win.)

Daisy is DARLING!!
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