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Monday, May 4, 2009

Analyzing Animal Anatomy

It is every parent's hope and dream that their children will turn out better than they did. We wish for better opportunities, less stress and more intelligence for our offspring.

When I play with our new puppy, Daisy, I get down on the floor and talk in puppy language. I say things like, "Let me rub that super-duper, pupper-wupper, Buddha, frog belly and those oogley-googley ears!"

Yesterday, my ten year old daughter was romping on the floor with Daisy when I heard her say, "Daisy! How in the world can you be holding me down when you don't even have opposable thumbs?"

If our puppy talk is any indication, this kid already has me beat in the intelligence department.

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Supposedly children get their intelligence directly from their mother. I truly believe that they suck it right out from us.
Whoa, quit feeding your kid vegetables, maybe that will dumb her down a bit, give you a chance to catch up.
At least she didn't say DISPOSABLE thumbs.

Yep, I've heard that one in my house but thank you sweet Jesus, it wasn't me who said it! LOL
been off of the face of the earth for a while- what a cute puppy!
Love to hear what she would say if she was arm wrestling a monkey.
Sorry, just catching my breath here from laughing so hard. I, too, am guilty of the baby talk to the dog. The older daughter then has to mock me by using a high-pitched tone and baby words to the dog. You can't win.
Nice. I know my kids are already smarter than I am.
OMG!! That is hilarious!
Very funny!
Sure, but who was having more fun?
I would die of embarrassment if someone heard how my husband and I talk to our cats. Die, I tell you!

Thanks for sharing how you go about it. We won't make fun of you at all. Swear.
Yeah. My kids are already smarter than me. I'm hoping I can outsmart the puppy, but my chances are slim...
Not sure when it happened for you, but I think Lukas is about to surpass me and he isn't even 2 yet.

I'm sure her statement was followed by exquisite(& wth?) silence on your part. I say that intelligence came from somewhere close by...~Mary
That's hilarious! But I'm not surprised. I know your girl... :)
Momo? I feel your pain.
You can't argue with that. Brilliant.
That kid is awesome!
I agree with Tara.. Brilliant. haha
Snicker. But aren't they SUPPOSED to be smarter than us? At least, they act like it!
Don't you hate it when you realize your kid is smarter than you are?! It's scary...
That is so funny wunny. How in the widdle wide world did you learn to talkie walkie like that? My floppy moppy ears have never heardie wordy anything so ridiculous.
Lol...I'm laughing so hard right now. That is priceless!
Heh doesn't begin to describe it.
Daisy is gorgeous!

Well someone has to be the adult in this situation :).
Aw de lilla gurlie talk so smarty smart!

Funny the language we use to talk to dogs.
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