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Friday, June 6, 2008

If We Get To Ten My Head's Going To Pop Off

Although my son has never been shy about touching people, I couldn't believe how many times I had to reprimand him at my daughter's softball game last night.

The first time was for touching a woman's painted toenails.

The second time was for leaning on a lady, as if she were a light pole.

The third time was for pinching a little girl's butt.

Finally I said, "You have to stop touching people! I have told you three times that you can NOT do that. One for the toenails, two for leaning on that lady, and three for pinching your friend."

And, once again he saw the future when he said, "What am I going to do for four, five and six?"

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At least he knows his limits!
A wise guy, ehhhhh?

Did you laugh when he asked you that? I probably would have! much funnier can your kid get?
i like the way he moved from toenails to leaning to butt. kid's got moves.
i love when other people's kids touch me. especially when they really have no idea they are doing it! so fun! i would say most people don't mind it so much. well...i might have to draw the line at butt touching. dirty kid hands on my butt might bother me. oh yeah...that's right. your kids are clean! carry on.

and i am sponsoring a contest at my blog. i know...i gave in to the pressure! but it's a turkish prize for what it's worth.
Ha! You are blessed (or cursed) with a child with foresight; yikes and double yikes.
That son of yours is a trip. How does the stern Momma keep from bustin' up with comments like that?

lol - I'm still crackin' up about the toenails. They must've been purdy.
Curios, was he asking your advice or issuing a challenge?
awweee.... your young one and mine have much in common, in re: to their wise remarks...
What can I say, I love your son. He has a beautiful mind.
he is so clever!!
Ah. A true thinker. Love HIM!
Oooh! Cheeky!!! Better question: "What is MOMMY going to do when I do four, five and six?"
You have funniest son EVER :)
THAT is just priceless. wow! what a funny kids!
have a great weekend.
I would have loved to see what flashed through your mind at that. :) That was funny.
Bwahahahah! I loved the title to this post, but seriously, the whole thing makes me crack up. Good luck with that one.

I spent the morning with a friend and two kiddo's at the children's museum and there was lots of touching going on all over the place...I guess kids learn boundaries later on...and some adults never learn. lol
It kind of reminds me of a story when I was kid.

I was playing up, much as you son was doing, and in the end I got sent to bed, but even in bed I was playing up - singing and stuff - until in the end my mum lost her rag and burst into the room with a tennis racket in her hand to threaten me - but it all backfired, when I said, 'you ant to play tennis? great!' and leapt out of bed and ran into the back garden - she didn't have the heart to tell me off.
You at least have to admire his chutzpah! Or I can, since I don't have to live with him...:)
I loved your post title...because that's my line with the kids: "If I have to say this one more time, my head's gonna pop off..." Or some such variation. I think the little ones think I'm being 3 year old lifted up my hair at the nape of my neck to try to find the eject spot.
What do you do in these instances? Stare, shake your head, pop a few aspirin? Me, I just love getting these glimpses of your boy.
Sounds a lot like my Baby Monkey. He will grin and say, "You know I'm going to do it."
Testing his limits or your patience. Either way kid's pretty gutsy.
At least he had a plan of action! The games are on! :D Funny stuff!
seriously- I love him and the things he comes up with. Love him!!!
ha ha ha ha....he got you with that come back
soooo funny, he's got plans!
I picture him saying that in a totally innocent way...hilarious!
What a funny guy! Let's hope he grows out of that quirky habit before high school.
Smart kid Momo. Pushing buttons is fun.
I'm gonna be a stick in the mud on this one and say something boring...

You boy is kinesthetic learner. He interacts with the world via touch. This means you should either a) focus his touchy-ness into activities likes sports so that he's constantly touchy-ed out, or b) always keep some kind of sensory stimulus device (that's teacher-talk for "toy") with you for him to play with, for example, some kind of mental puzzle where he has to get the ring off the horse shoe, or c) both.

For info about Gardner's Multiple Intelligences
I have heard this news story or something where a little kid, like, kindergarten, first grade, got in trouble for sexual harassment for pinching/touching a little girls butt in school.

I think that's ridiculous, but then I am not the little girls mother.

I am the mother butt pincher...

What am I going to do? I think I need to start a self help group.

My kids know we are suppose to keep the butt pinching all in the family.

I hope.
haha uh oh you got a challenge on your hands and a little comedian.
i think he's mocking you!!!!
That is my 6 year old son!
We were at a show the othe day & he just leans his hand on the guy's back in front of him & couldn't have cared less when i pointed it out. Sheesh.
Oh dear Momo, sounds like you have your hands slightly full.
Smart kid! Sounds like a future lawyer or politician. Or maybe a stand up comedian!
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