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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who Needs A Crystal Ball When You Have A Steering Wheel

My five year old son can predict the future, but only when we're in the car.

The first time it happened, it completely freaked me out. We were running errands when he piped up from the back seat and said, "Mom, the phone is ringing at home."

I replied, "Uh...well, maybe. We don't know if the phone is ringing, because we're in the car."

Then my cell phone rang.

It was my husband and I immediately asked him if he had just called the house, and he said, "Yes". I was in shock.

The second time he used his sixth sense, we were driving home from an occupational therapy appointment when he said, "Grandma and Grandpa are coming over."

I told him that, in fact, they were not coming over. Grandma and Grandpa live two hours away.

When we got home, guess who called? Grandma and Grandpa were going to be in town in a couple of days and wanted to stop by.

Those two events were just happenstance, right? Just weird luck. So the kid is good at's nothing more.

But yesterday, I took him to a doctor's appointment for his finger and it happened again. A few weeks ago, he let a stranger get too close to him while he was playing and I lectured him about it. Since then, he has been very frightened of people he doesn't know. (Note to self: Ease up on the lectures.)

So when we pulled into the doctor's parking lot, I was surprised when he looked out the window at a man standing in front of the building and said, "Mom, that man is nice."

I said, "He probably is. He's a stranger, but because I'm with you it's okay if you want to say hi."

Say hi? He gave the poor guy a complete run-down of his missing fingertip.

And, when we were walking away the man shouted, "Ma'am! Thank you for letting me speak to your son today. Thank you for sharing his smile, and yours."

Today I'm taking my boy to the drive-thru carry out, where he will fill out his very first lottery ticket.


Sounds like your boy has a very special inner sense of things going on around him. You are a smart mama to pick up on that. Encourage that and let it blossom. Good luck with the Lotto!
Wow, that IS weird!
But neat, too!
At least it's all good stuff, and nothing spooky, right?
Here's hoping that it stays that way. ha!
I am so waiting for that lotto-winning, I-told-you-my-son-is-psychic post. :-)
Good luck!!
Care to share his lotto numbers?
Why your post gave me the chills I don't know.. it is not like he said anything like "I see dead people"..

His sixth sense is pretty amazing.. I agree monkey's momma.. let him run with it..
do do do do do do do do
I had chills reading that.

How crazy is that.

Let us know how those lottery tickets pan out! lol!
It's a cross between very cool and very creepy!
But maybe he got it from you? Did you notice the post you wrote before he lost his finger tip is about how you wanted to be a surgeon and loved PBS gore!

Hope he gets those lottery numbers right.
Your son and mine sound so much alike. My five year old has a sixth sense and amazes me with his gift. I love it that he knows so much.
PS thanks for your sweet comment.
Cha-Ching! Let us know how much you win!
That's awesome. So, when are you going to set up your blog for paid psychic readings? lol

I wish I had a really cool ability like that...
I say exploit the child for all you can get, it's the American way!

How cool! And, why don't I know these stories? My sister has an inner sense like that, too.

Put my name on one of the tickets!
Wow, bizarre. Good luck with the lotto though, I hope you win!
that is awesome!
It is scary when they do'see things'...
There are so many that my daughter truly used to scare me...
Onetime, we passed a lady and my daughter just sighed and told me that the woman had a disease in her body, like her uncle...
And sure enough, through happenstance, I found out the woman indeed had cancer...
One of many times, and the nightmares... Oh do not get me started...
Never transpired into anything with lotto tickets however...
Encourage it.

Call it what you will, instinct, gut feeling etc but sixth sense is so powerful and so useful to those who can feel it.

That's seriously cool.
What xbox said. It is a powerful way to do good in the world and over time it teaches kids to think of others' needs, to become more kind.

At the same time, I remember a conversation with my then-3-year-old, where she was whining that I'd promised we were going to have ice cream after dinner. I looked at her and said, I did not. I thought about it. If I didn't say it out loud, it doesn't count.

She was quite put out and not the least bit convinced. I almost gave her ice cream for it just because, but I didn't. I wonder now if I should have.
Okay, slightly scary but cool as well. I'd definitely get him to do the lottery. I'm sending good luck thoughts. Can you feel them?
Oh Hell best get a lottery ticket!
and I hope YOU WIN.
That's a cool ability, but he might have a hard time selling people on it later in life, given the specificity.

"Sure, I can read your fortune, but first you have to trust me and get into my van."
That is very cool. I agree with the others that you should encourage it and see where it goes. If nothing else he could do the "guess your weight" thing at the county fairs. :)
LOL! Good luck with that...
*sitting here a bit freaked out*

Have him pick me some numbers...
i got so screwed in the kid dept. all i have are chauvinists, whiners, and psychics in the midst...
Man, I wish my kids felt the stranger danger. Zoe bubbles her personality at everyone she meets.
Wow, chills up an down my spine. The best was the end. What a wonderful encounter. Great story.
Cue the spooky music.... cool kid you got there.
That's pretty cool!!

Got those lotto numbers??
That's uncanny! It's like prophetic gift for no apparent reason, except for the guy, that was really cool. Did you ever ask how he knows these things?
The car is an amazing place. The car & the tub because you're stuck with your thoughts in the quiet.
My only question is, what drive-thru do you go to that has lottery tickets? *L*
omg - that is just - WOW.

Friggin' unbelieveable! I bet you it'll happen one of these days when you're NOT in the car.

Can't wait to hear more about it!
i see...

your son...

in an m night shyamalan movie....
So cool! You should definitely take advantage of his gift. Will he work for hire?
Wow! You have an awesome little boy!
Amazing that kids have a lot more sense than we give them credit for.
Not freaky. Very cool. Yes, get some good information while in the car.
Does he have to choose the numbers while you are driving?
Admit it, you haven't left the car since. You've been driving around, typing one-handedly by laptop and plying him with the most important questions of our time, like, how much weight will Oprah lose and gain back this year.
Can you imagine if you won?! Hey, let me know, if the world's ever about to end or anything, OK?
How cool is that?!
Wow, you just made me remember something from my past... I too was told I had a sixth sense when I was young. I will definitely need to post about that and link your story to it.

Thanks for the inspiration...

And very neat about your boy. Some kids just have a great sense of things going on around them. Then there are some who go beyond that and we can't explain it if it is merely coincidence or truely a gift. Very cool...
Can you take your steering wheel off your car and just carry it with you everywhere?
I'll send money for a lottery ticket :-)
Momo, you know what this means right? He is a superhero. Instead of his finger being bitten by a radioactive spider, it was smooshed by a radioactive door. He is now "PredictMan!"
OMG!! What an amazing story. I totally believe it.
Just make sure to have him pick the numbers in the car!!!

Adorable story!!!
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