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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mistaken Identity

The principal at the school where I work, and where my children attend, was walking through the cafeteria the other day when I saw her stop to talk to my son.  A few minutes later, I took a big gulp as she approached the kitchen where I was working

Not that I was terribly worried, as his blatant honesty has prepared me for anything.

Let's review, shall we?

He once told a doctor that she had a, "really, really, really big nose" and he told an elderly woman that she was dead.  He saw a wrinkled, old lady at the store and said that she needed to use lotion and has even complimented large telling them that he likes their "chinny chin chins."

And, let's not forget when he named his testicles, Racer and Jennifer, then proceeded to tell complete strangers about his "babies".

My son keeps things interesting.  Although he has a whole lot of quirks, there is one part of his behavior that is constant; you never know what he is going to say.

I was thinking of this when the principal walked up to me and stated, "Diane, I have to tell you what your son just said."

I began to form an apology in my head, but then she continued, "He wanted to wish me a happy afternoon and tell me that he's been praying for my sister.  He says the most appropriate things!"

To which I replied, "Give him a minute."

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Maybe he saves the appropriate stuff for the principal. He knows who to butter up, it looks like.
tom is right. Talk about not biting the hand that feeds.
Nicely done there momma.

I tried to avoid embarrassing situations by telling my daughter, "Sometimes you're going to see people who look different from you. and it's okay to think things about different people, but you could hurt their feelings... so be sure to keep it in your brain and you can tell mommy later where they can't hear you."
Which was fine until she pointed at someone and said, "Momma... I didn't say anything about that person. I'm keeping it in my brain!!!"
the whole time I was reading that I kept wondering how you formulate half-laughing half-mortified explanations/apologies so well so quickly, but I guess it's because you get lots of practice ;)

I'd bet my last dime that your precious boy takes after his mama quite a bit.

You're awesome, he's awesome.


ps. Racer and Jennifer? bwahahaha, how did I miss that before, hahahahahahahah
Named his testicles- oh MAN!! Ha!!

I so know the feeling, trying to mentally prepare for what the person approaching you is going to say your son did/said. Scary!!
He's just keeping you on your toes. You have a very cool kid.
Just when they train you to expect the worst ... Dang kids!
OMG, I'm laughing so hard from all the other stories! He's so clever and quick to say funny things! Thanks for sharing!
Ahahahahahhaha! Aw. Your son is so freaking cute. And sweet. And usually very inappropriate!
That kid is so cool! The neat thing is that when he's grown, you can embarrass him as much as he has embarrassed you by simply retelling the have something to look forward to!

I wonder if he deadpans as well as his mother?
Like you said, you just never know what that kid is going to say.
Good for your son for caring about her sister! But I confess to laughing out loud: the poor woman has just been totally set up for whatever comes next.
He always cracks me up. Glad to see he is developing a talent for buttering up authority figures.
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