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Momo Fali's: Question of the Day V

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Question of the Day V

So, you know how you go to work in the school cafeteria in your $100 shoes that you bought because your plantar fasciitis was really acting up, and then suddenly the hip you've had problems with since you were 19 years old decides to make you start limping like you're elderly, and then you go home to find your one year old dog got your bottle of Ambien off of the counter and REMOVED THE CHILDPROOF LID, and you think that you can't call the vet because she will insist that you bring her in and they'll pump her stomach and it will cost you $800 and the dog will still die, so you look it up online and see that you should induce vomiting, so you give the dog some Hydrogen Peroxide and then she vomits the entire world in your backyard while you're walking around holding your ears and singing, "La-la, I can't hear you making that hacking sound and re-eating your own vomit", and then you go pick up your kids at school and your son has a fever and he cries so hard that he throws up too.

Yeah, me too.

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Does that mean that your dog ate ambian-lace vomit? Does that count as a stomach-pumping?
And you were going to quit blogging.

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. God knows i needed it.

Love, girly.
You win the bad day contest. Hands down.

Hope your dog gets a good night's rest...
I never got the dog eats its own vomit concept. Really -- is any meal so good you'd want to eat it three times in a row?
I do hope you ended your day with an adult beverage or three....
Oh you poor thing. I hope that today goes better.
WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR AMBIEN NOW??????? And, yes, I meant that to be all in caps.
What Mr. Lady said. Cannot. stop. laughing.
And THIS is why you need to blog! :) Just think, if none of that ever happened to you, we, your readers, would have gone our entire lives without the singular experience of reading about it!

Still sorry it all happened though...
Actually, i HAVE had one of those days-- but instead of the kid puking, it was the OTHER dog. vom is so gross, i can't deal with it! hahahaa.

chin up, it'll get better!
That sounds awful. I hope the day ended better.
This is why I can't quit your blog
Please tell me that is just the world's longest rhetorical question ever.
1 - I agree with Busy Dad...and to steal a line from BBM, "I wish I could quit you!"

2 - And I'm serious here, get some Oil Of Oregano at the health food store and rub it on your feet. Yes, you'll smell like lasagna - but who gives a chatauqua, but your feet will feel so much better!
Gonna say it again. You need a beach vacation, and a good dog sitter.
I think you've hit on the one kind of bad day that cannot be made better by chocolate.
Oh my.
As far as dogs go, hydrogen pyroxide is worth it's weight in gold.
I just came across your blog via the recommendation of Mrs 4444, and I don't know which is funnier, this post or the last one. My goodness, my first visit and I'm having a ball.
Wow! And I thought I had some bad days... You have the most exciting life ever. :)
New reader here and I stumbled in on THIS?! Sorry to be laughing hysterically at your horrid day!! :-D

HOpe the son feels better and doggie survives- wow. Doozie of a day!

on the vomit topic...hubby decided we'd watch Jackass the other of the vomit scenes, which of course they have the camera all in that- at 2nd heave, he tossed his cookies right along with the guy on the screen. LMAO and dang, he changed the channel.
Damn woman!
Another day in MOMOland.

My son's dog chronicly vomits. Its a real treat. Especially while we're eating.. its... magic.

Scary thing... it could be worse. But lets not go there.

Smile. You made it.
Not that I had any doubts about you leaving the blogging behind... but if I did... you SO just redeemed yourself! LOL
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