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Friday, July 9, 2010

Random Realizations: Summer Edition

1. When it's almost 100 degrees and your son wants to walk around wearing nothing but underwear all day, you might just let him.

2. And, you might join him.

3. Which can be awkward when the Fed Ex guy rings your doorbell.

4. The row of zits across your hairline caused by perpetual sweat beads will try hard to outdo the mosquito bite on your forehead.

5. Then you may find yourself wishing you still had bangs.

6. Two panting dogs can make a real mess.

7. It's possible to drink 10 glasses of ice water in a day and still feel like there is sand in your mouth.

8. When it's time to leave your son's baseball game and you see everyone stand up and do a little shimmy, you may think they're dancing.

9. But, they're really just trying to dry out their crotches.

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How are you sweating? You're so cool you shouldn't be affected by the heat.
#9 is dead on the money! LOL
-->It's HOT in Virginia too. Feels like walking outside into a blow dryer set on at high. Although if I had to pick, I'd go with heat index over wind chill any day. Less clothing involved.
102 on my car thermometer yesterday...I'm over it already.

I don't miss my bangs at all.

I know that summer shimmy all too well, lol.
I never think God really hates us, but sweaty summer crotch makes me rather positive that He gets a few giggles out of being an A-Hole once in a while.
Some days I think I drink gallons of water! I can't get enough. So hot!
I'm sensing a theme here.

What's your address again?? LOL

getting some odd visuals!

Lucky fed ex man, hey!!
So I gather it's hot where you live. :)
LOL - We had baseball today too... and YES... WE ALL DID THE SHIMMY!!!
I think my fedex guy has seen me naked. We live in Hawaii. It's hot here all the time. Thus we are naked all the time. Well, not completely naked.
I think our homeowner's association would have to write addenda to the bylaws if I ever got the notion to walk around the house in my skivvies. Some of our front windows are only translucent.

Hope things cool down there!d
The worst thing about #7 is having to pee 10 times a day to get rid of all that water, and you're STILL thirsty!

And um, yeah. I can relate to #9.
lol, we gave in and got a window unit. :)
Yeah, its been BRUTAL in NJ too. I totally feel you on number 7!
I've never been brave enough to walk around the house in my underwear in the daytime. Kudos to you. I'm sure the FedEx guy loved it.

I've given up on the heat. I just stay in the A/C.
Every summer I realize I should have added some insulation in the attic because the elecric bill is killing me. Stupid Entergy! And like all the others have said you were dead on with the shimmy. Great thoughts.
Ha! My number six would be "so you just go cut some"!
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