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Friday, February 5, 2010

And, I am the White Witch

My 11 year old daughter just looked outside and saw this.

Then she sighed and said, "I feel like I'm in Narnia."

I sure hope Mr. Tumnus has a shovel.

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I'd just be impressed that my kid can bring up a Narnia reference whether she read the book or watched the movie. If you are a white witch I didn't know they made nice white witches now.
Winter is so beautiful to look at, but definitely not great to experience. I hate the four months of snow here where I live.
Oh, I love a good snowfall. Are you in the line of the monster storm hitting this weekend? We are too far north for it, and I have to say that I am envious. Though I suppose if I had to shovel 30" off my driveway, the envy itself might melt away. ;) Happy winter weekend!
Beautiful. Even with the cold, my favorite season is winter... the beauty of new fallen snow is so peaceful!
Rainy and cold here, but alas, no snow...I'd like to see a little...just for a day.

Snowing like CRAZY here in NJ too. But my child hasn't said anything clever all day!
Haha, we have a stray cat named Mr. Tumnus that we feed on the patio. I hope he's enjoying his Narnia right now.
That's funny because when I looked outside and saw the same thing I said, "I feel like I'm in hell!"

You daughter doesn't shovel, does she?
Gorgeous. Throw a snowball for me, will you? (I bet your kids would love to help you out with that one.)
I feel like making a snow angel in your yard
It is so not fair that your getting all the snow this year and yesterday my daughter wanted to go outside and "sun bathe"
So very lovely.
flappin gorgeous
Be careful what you eat.
and another 4-8" are coming to my area tonight. Okay, okay, I love the snow, I really do but.. I am tired of being so damn nervous about it coming. The anxiety of the stupid driving, and the stupid streets is about to KILL me.

How much did you end up getting?
That was sweet. : )
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