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Momo Fali's: Random Realizations: Moving Edition

Monday, November 16, 2009

Random Realizations: Moving Edition

1. If your 75 year old mother is preparing to move and keeps telling you how hard it is because she "has so much stuff", you won't believe her until you see it for yourself.

2. Because apparently you can't have too many vases.

3. Or soap dishes.

4. Or canister sets.

5. And, clearly, everyone needs a set of everyday dishes and three separate sets of fine china.

6. Your sister, who lives with your mother part-time, and who was home ALL summer, may suddenly disappear to northern Ohio for "grad school" and "trade shows" and won't come home from the time your mother decides to move, until one week after the move is completed.

7. Which leaves you to pack her stuff up.

8. And, when I say "pack" I mean put her things into hodge-podge boxes, cart them across town, lug them into the new house and up a flight of steps, then throw them in a corner.

9. Your sister is lucky you love her.

10. Because she's a pack-rat.

11. You may be really excited to have this Friday off work, only to realize your mom really wants you to paint her new living room and dining room.

12. Your mom is lucky you love her too.

13. And when your mom lives just two minutes away instead of 25 minutes away, all of this will be worth it.

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I hate moving. You always find that you have way more stuff than you ever dreamed that you do.
You're so totally on the Nice List this year! Your sister? Well, I don't want to make any wild assumptions, but Santa knows!

The only good thing about moving is the getting rid of a bunch of crap you don't want to have laying around your new digs.
The only good thing about moving is the getting rid of a bunch of crap you don't want to have laying around your new digs.
awwww it will be nice having her so close now
You are a great daughter :)
Gotta love family. Sigh.
You're a wonderful daughter.

When my in-laws moved my grandmother-in-law in with them, things didn't go nearly as well. Grandma is starting to show signs of senility. She accused my MIL of stealing her forks (!), tried to throw away all my in-laws' linens, and insisted that all the kitchen appliances in their home were lifted from her house. (Her appliances were sold with her house.) They eventually had to move her into an assisted living facility, and she still won't talk to MIL because of the forks.
I absolutely hate moving now, after my 4th in a year.
That settles it... next time I move, I want you on the packing team.
If I had to help move my mom to a place just a few minutes away from me, my days would be spent helping her and my evenings would be spent moving my own self far, far away. : )
It all adds up. Did you find your finger painting from Kindergarten?

Good luck!
I love painting! I'd totally offer to help you if I lived closer.
Moving time may only occur if it is immediately followed by one or more large garage sales or trips to the Goodwill donation center.

This is another good reason to follow the truism "Less is More"

You're a good daughter.
I agree with everyone else... you ARE a good daughter!

I love how you wrote this.

Isn't it amazing what gets shoved away in corners?
She didn't even let you donate any of the 50,000 vases?? Bummer.
How wonderful that she will be so close though!!
I'm very glad that that last sentence is wonderful! And wow, did she luck out in having you.
Moving is one of my least favorite things in life. The one good thing about it is the cleaning aspect. I don't want to move all this so lets just toss it in the trash. Apparently your mother has not moved in a while.
One can never have too many sets of China.
Good China, Christmas China, Really Good China, and Collectible China...I have eight complete sets of dishes; good china, Christmas China, Fire King Jadeite Restaurant Ware, Pink Depression Glass, Homer L White Gardenia,
I'm sure when I move or die, my kids will have the garage sale from you know where!

Jenny's UP
Good luck, I feel your pain.

My mom moved in with us after my dad died. Still going through shit and STILL can't park my car in my three car garage.
Moving is such a nightmare! You're a good daughter AND sister! xoxoxo
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