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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Dogs

This is Blue. She is 11 years old and weighs 65 pounds.
She likes to bark at the mailman.

This is Daisy. She is six months old and weighs 55 pounds. She likes to sneak up and pounce on people, and on 11 year old dogs.

Blue hates Daisy.

And, because I spend my entire day yelling, "Dogs! I mean it! Quit your fighting!" I think I need to buy this shirt.


i concur, and would like to throw in my 85 lb labrador, red.... but he has a tendency to lick his ass. :)

good times.
That's excellent, but I think you should get the tube top version.
Holy hell. Did Daisy walk away with her fact intact after that exchange with Satan? Oops, I mean Blue.
I meant FACE INTACT. Ugh. Need coffee.
I sometimes have the same problem with my 3 boys. Better get me one of them tank-tops (child beaters?)
But they look so sweet and innocent!
Oh, and you have too many teeth to be white trash.
Blue looks exactly like my dog Lucky, and he barks at EVERYTHING. I actually had a post about it last month(kinda)
I feel a bit like white trash after days like that...
If it's gonna fit like that, I say Go for it!
Now we've had pictures of your dogs, can we have some of your bitches?
Ah, kids and dogs. Life would be so boring without them. Relaxing, but boring.
YES! I second WeaselMomma. Tube top REQUIRED unless it also comes in that shirt that's made out of underwear.

That could be MY house; we have Harley, the God knows HOW old golden Lab, then Lola, the one year old lab mix, and in the middle the 3 yr old Wiemereiner; and between the kids and the dogs and the cats, well, I spend the majority of my days yelling at some or all to just get outside. And that in a nutshell is why I love to go to work.
-->I have two female labs (chocolate and yellow) who get along despite the huge age difference and color barriers. (kidding!)

If you search for "dogs" on my blog you'll see how they're *abused* by their non-fixed male dog friends.
we have a black lab named Daisy. She isn't as rambunkious (sp?) at 3 years of age though....I'm glad for that.
Is it weird that your picture looks exactly like my kids fighting?
If you get the shirt, you'll need some beer-can earrings to go with it. And a washing machine in the front yard. And a shotgun.
holy hell that picture!

Okay, if you buy that shirt you have to wear it with inappropriately short Daisy Dukes and heels in the front yard, while yelling at the dog with blue eyeshadow, a cigarette hanging off your lip and a pearl light can in one hand.

Then, take a picture ;-)
How the heck did you get such a great shot..

I kinda side with Blue Daisy scares me too.. :)
Yeah, I am constantly breaking up spitting / hissing fights between three cats... they each take turns playing bully. While the fraidy-cat DOG hides.
aww they look sweet!
To be effective, make sure you buy it in extra-small. Oh, and stand on your porch with curlers in your hair yelling at the kids to get off of your toilet planter.
Would you just give me the damn dog already? :)
I would totally buy that shirt. It has nothing to do with my (stupid) dog, and everything to do with my upbringing.
I don't have a dog, but I want that shirt because nothing says I'm White Trash better than a t-shirt that actually says it.
LOL - I often find myself yelling the same thing while I'm working from home. 2 dogs can be more work than 2 kids sometimes.

I think I need one of those shirts, too. Although I want mine in the "wife beater" style. (Not PC, I know, I know, sorry.) You know what I'm talking about though? Regular t-shirt cut with the sleeves cut off?
That dog-teeth photo freaked me out. Do they hurt each other?
Nice shirt. I say go for it but I want to see you in it.
YAHHHH_AAIIIGGHH! That was scary! The dog snarl, not the shirt.

The shirt was kinda hot. Go for it! :)
I think that Melisa and I could share joint custody of Daisy. And I mean, shit! Can Blue be any meaner? *snickers*
ps: definitely order the tube top version of that shirt.

but it'd be more trashier if you made it yourself ;)
only, and I do mean, ONLY if you have the welcome mat that states:

'Mess with us, you're messing with the whole trailer park'
Wow! Blue didn't seem that mean when I met her. Blue seemed like such a mellow dog. Daisy does annoy Blue doesn't she?
I've got a George. My cat smacks him around.
Love the T-shirt!
Wow! Blue didn't seem that mean when I met her. Blue seemed like such a mellow dog. Daisy does annoy Blue doesn't she?
I've got a George. My cat smacks him around.
Love the T-shirt!
Don't be ashamed. Embraced your white trashiness. I do. :D
hmmm. i've seen that expression ...

on *MY* face when the rat dogs are screaming at each other.

Holy crap, I am so afraid of the dog with his chops open! scary! ps, I own that shirt.. wait I am that shirt! lol
It's only white trash if you do it with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth while wearing bunny slippers on your front lawn with a PBR in your hand.
Does that T come cinched like that because I would so wear it...oh, but wait, I guess I'd have to change that to "yellow" bad...
My Boston Terrier LOST AN EYE getting in my red heeler's face like that and it never even slowed him down. I tell him on a daily basis, "If you lose your other eye, I'm going to have to strap you to that dog just so you can go out into the yard! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT!? A SEEING EYE DOG!?"

Hmm... maybe there's a shirt like that that just says CRAZY on the front?
I actually think my kids could wear that shirt and no one around here would question it.

Hey, it was great meeting you at Blogher. Check out the Dublin Fest sometime--it's lots of fun.
Replace those two dogs with my two older sons and then replace that black tank with a white one that has a couple holes and beer stains on it.... and you've got my summer "vacation."

Lord help me.
That doesn't sound like fun. That last picture of the two was kind of intense.
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