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Friday, August 7, 2009

My Dogs II

My last post was an introduction to my dogs. This is about their playthings.

This is Blue's toy.

These are Daisy's inside toys. There are more in the back yard.
Clifford, I'm sorry about your eye, dude.

The toys below belong to my children.
Daisy sneaks upstairs, through a closed gate, into bedrooms with ancient doors that don't shut well, and collects things throughout the day. Once she brings them downstairs, we put them out of reach on the mantle. In this picture we have: my son's duck, a tooth-fairy pillow, a teddy bear, one slipper a necklace and three naked Barbies. She really has a thing for Barbies.

I want know why she doesn't ever chew on Ken?

(Congratulations to Middle Aged Woman! You won Monday's giveaway of Rage Against the Meshugenah.)

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So glad to know it is not just my one of my dogs who does this! We have to put all remotes away, make sure the phones are put away, and all bedroom doors have to be closed.
Momo, I think I need to break it tou you that Daisy may be a lesbian (lesbi-dog?), and I think we are all enlightened enough to be fine with this.
Ken's competition.
my lil weenee dog burries her toys in the carpet-well she tries to bury in the carpet-she tries so hard it rubs her nose raw BUT she has no problem chewing up xbox cords,sunglasses,lip gloss,tooth brushes

Enjoy your weekend
You don't look that big now, Clifford, do you?
Because Ken is creepy. Really.
Maybe she doesn't swing that way, ya know?
Maybe she wants Ken all to herself and is taking out the competition.
-->Barbie is a bigger threat than Ken for sure.
I have a yellow lab with a PINK nose... and HE is thee most fabulous dog in the world... he gets along with every living thing.

Does your dog HUFFFFF - my dog could do obsene phone calls with his HUFFING....

But my dog's name is RED...
Boys are made of puppy dog tails, so eating Ken would be eating her own kind.
Dogs are so funny. Whenever someone new comes to our house, he takes ONE of their shoes (left by the door), when no one is looking, and drops it under the kitchen table. Goofy dogs...
My dog usually didn't mess with the stuffed toys unless they squeaked. If they squeaked then you better let her have it or hide it good. She wouldn't tear it up but she'd squeak it, and squeak it, and squeak it.... :)
Momo - you need to go check out Wendy's blog. I think your boys are related, or come from the same planet or something...
the rat dogs at my house like to steal stuffed animals too.

but mostly they like roo-girl's underwear.

she's *NOT* happy.
too cute
That is why I have cats and not dogs:)
Love how you "decorated" the mantel. Also am concerned about Blue's lack of toys. Not sure what to think about the Ken thing.... Maybe he needs some extra salt or flavoring.(Hot Sauce?)
Clifford sure looks like he took a beating!
hehe. Wow, they'd have a hayday at our house with all of the plush CRAP laying around. And by crap, I mean junk and not feces. Felt the need to clarify that I don't hoard fake (or otherwise) poo.
Ha! That mantle is hilarious.

"and three naked Barbies"

Oh my.
When I was little, our dog chewed the toes off of all of our dolls. Barbie, Pat-A-Burp, Tippy Tumbles...all toe-less, the poor dears. He never touched any other toy, only doll toes. A Sheltie with a foot fetish, apparently.
Lol...that's crazy!
My dog's a hoarder too. He's saving toys for the apocalypse.
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