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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Winking Lizard

My husband, the kids and I recently ate dinner at a local tavern called, The Winking Lizard. This restaurant is well-known for its buttery popcorn that you serve up yourself out of a giant popper (which the kids love), and also for its World Beer Tour (which the adults enjoy).

They also have a very large, glass-enclosed area where they house a live lizard. Not some pansy gecko, but a big creature the size of a tree limb. Needless to say, my six year old son was quite interested in it.

But I didn't quite grasp his excitement, because I didn't see it coming when he came back to the table after using the restroom, and loudly announced to our table and to a roomful of patrons, "Hey Dad! I just went to the bathroom and I saw the big lizard!"

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SNAP! And so we come full circle!

I confess when I saw the post title, I was thinking something very much like that. I guess there is still a little boy in me :)

Funny stuff, and now I want a beer...
Awesome kid! The lizard tank should be like a lobster tank. You pick the one you want and they cook it up for ya!
Hahaha... it always happens in a room full of people, no?
And Dad just smiled wide and nodded, "That's m'boy." Right?
I have one of those. The volume control is set permanently to "too loud" and the appropriateness switch is on the fritz.

Can we hope it gets better with age? Meanwhile, have you got ammo for his teenage years!
Can I ask ?? Do you live in Columbus, Ohio! I used to frequent the Winking Lizard on Bethal Rd in Columbus - wondering if it's the same one.
LMAO!!!!! OMGawd that is just toooooo funny and i so would have died and turned all kindsa red
That's a trip! It's starting already, huh?
I've heard that men's bathrooms are filled with one-eyed lizards. how cool! ;)
......reason #1357900865311345435642580086 why I love your kid.

I can only hope you'll save that story for his wedding ;)
Wait. Worse?

Hey Mom, Dad and I just went to the bathroom and I saw the big lizard!
Kind of like my guy exclaiming rather loudly "ouch I smashed my balls" in the middle of a crowded restaurant. GAH!
as the cops storm the bathroom...
Ahhhhah, woohoo! Classic.
HA HAAAAAAA !!!! Classic moments
They are the gift that keeps on giving.
Heeee-larious! My son said something like that ("gotta go drop the Brown family off at the pool") when he was 6! He did this at Olive Garden...crikey! Some lovely kid from school gave him that lovely ditty...oy!
I love that kid!
And just when I didn't think he could get any cuter!!
This is so funny it is makin me cry.
OMG! Hilarious and ironic... I say The SAME Thing when I leave a public restroom. What a coincidence!
If only you'd had a snare and cymbal.
Just wait until he blurts it out in High School Algebra class. Location is everything.
LOL! Sweet boy...we lived very very close to the first Winking Lizard. It's a place I know well ;)
I've never read your blog before, but the kid must get that sort of delivery from somewhere. Parental? I think so. I love stuff like that and it NEVER embarrasses me. Kids need a lot of freedom to just spit it out. *cough*
Good thing it wasn't a large python. There is much more universal understanding of large snake jokes in mens rooms...
...and you sit and wonder why you always have to hang out with THESE people...

LOL Poor Momo!
Oh dear, he would. Too funny.
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