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Monday, August 18, 2008

He Was Dying To Read To Me

My six year old son was playing Marble Blast on the computer when I thought it would be a good idea for him to stop his game and come read me a book. Because really? Who can get enough of Ten Apples Up on Top? The antics and drama always keep me coming back for more.

I called from the living room, "Hey, why don't you come in here and read me a story?"

And it's a good thing I knew he was playing a game, because he replied, "Okay, but wait until I die first!"

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I saw a t-shirt at the mall the other day that said

"Commitment: When your girlfriend says 'It's me or the video games' and you tell her 'Let's talk about it after this level'". LOL!
But I'm about to beat this boss! I never get to this level, Mom! If I shut it off I have to start back at level 1!

All courtesy of 16-year-old-Boy.
I suppose it's all in the way he words it. He could have said--I'd rather die first!
I have to save! I have to save!
I hear that ALL THE TIME from mine!

"Come have dinner."

"Mooooom, I'm not DEAD yet!"

"o ok"
I think that's the modern version of "Over my dead body".
"dinner is ready"


*5 minutes go by*

"i SAID dinner is ready."

"i'm trying to save. it takes a long time!!!"

sigh. maybe they're waiting till I die first.
AGH! That drives me nuts!! My husband plays a pool game on the computer that you can't pause. Children can be bleeding, screaming for their butt to be wiped or passed out on the floor, while I'm cooking dinner, and all I get is "I can't pause, I'll miss my shot and piss the other person off." Doesn't matter babe, you already pissed me off.
I have a feeling something similar is coming my way in the future...

Cute post!!
Every time I read stuff like this I feel so much less alone....thank you!
I love it when I hear my sons say 'wait until I kill him first', it makes me really happy.
Unfortunately, my husband doesn't think this is a good reason for the delay in dinner being made. He just doesn't get it.
My greatest fear!
So, that's what life after death is all about. I wonder if they have Go Dog Go there too?
That reminds me of when I was little and my parents bought me the original Nintendo. I got my privileges taken away for weeks at a time for only selectively hearing things my mom would tell me while I was playing.
Priceless. :) oh and I LOVE 10 apples up on top. :) good choice!
ha!! ha!! ha!! ha!!

My son doesn't do anything until after he DIES 1st too!
Dude, that's just funny. :-) LOL.
this post made me die (.......of laughing.....) okay not good.


10 apples is good, hop on pop i like more. there is all the hopping. on pop.

THAT is awesome.

Especially since I just read "monster in this book" like five times.
They always have some excuse...
Oh, that's nothing! My son always ...

... just kidding.

I think I've said that exact same thing while playing a game before. LOL
No comments... I used to say that too... when I was a kid, I mean :-)
*snicker* Truly! It's always something with those games. They can never just get off right then.
Hahaha! I'm definitely accustomed to that one. Yesterday my kid got all philosophical on his PSP. "Well what's the point of all this really? if I can't do anything on this screen what's the point!!"
That kid is the funniest, seriously. You must laugh all the time. :D
Har!!!! I think my heart would have skipped a beat at that one!

I love it that he reads you books; how friggin adorable.
Oh dear.
i remember saying that to my mom.
but i was playing tetris or something..hahaha
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