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Sunday, January 6, 2008

You Should Hear What I Say When I Play Frogger

I have been known to throw the occasional cuss word around. Not cussing for the sake of cussing, but for particular circumstances such as falling down the steps, or dropping a plate, or the many, many times when my daughter was a baby and she would have such explosive bowel movements that we would find brown tar all the way up to her neck.

I do try to keep myself in check though, especially around my kids. I have taken to using words such as, 'Dang' and 'Poo'. They're tame enough that I think I may have heard them in Disney movies.

I also try very, very hard not to use the word, 'stupid'. I even try to monitor the shows my kids watch, so there aren't characters or people calling each other stupid. To me, it's just a nasty, derogatory word and my five year old son does enough to embarrass me. I don't need him calling people stupid to boot.

But, last week my husband bought this computer game that was beyond frustrating for me. You have to toss this marble across a gargantuan abyss onto a flat surface. That's it. But, I either couldn't get my marble across the abyss, or it would fly through the air right past the flat surface, or it would land on the flat surface only to roll off. I could not get it, and as much as I wanted to let some choice words fly right along with that marble, I didn't.

Though I did keep saying, over and over, something about the game and the marble being stupid.

Of course, the next time my son got a chance to play, he immediately began to say stuff about the 'stupid game' and the 'stupid marble'. I quickly told him not to say it anymore, that I shouldn't have said it either, because it's just not nice.

And now the little rascal is trying to draw it out of me, apparently to get me in trouble with myself. Under the guise of improving his knowledge, he just asked me, "Hey Mom, what rhymes with Cupid?"

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OK, all this did was make me want to play that cupid game of yours. What's it called? I'm a total game addict. Well, not so much anymore since I started blogging. But I have been known to blow entire days playing Bespelled.
It's called Marble Blast. So technically, it's a marble not a ball. I'm cupid.
"..what rhymes with Cupid?"
That is just wrong.

We are going through some of this in our own house. "Stupid" was the first off-limits word. We have since realized that we say it more often than we thought and are told every time, by the three year old, that it is a bad word. Nothing quite like having your kid correct you.
Ooh, clever little guy, isn't he? You are going to have to stay on your toes for sure.

Another off-limit word I had was "butt" and the first time I was ever frustrated enough with her to say I was going to spank her little butt, she immediately informed me (with a gasp, no less) "Mommy! We don't say butt!" (I have to stay on my toes too.)

BTW, my daughter loves Marble Blast. Only she plays it on the Xbox 360. I admire your giving it a go. I got sick to my stomach just watching it!
i desperatly need to work on my use of the word Stupid... Desperately...

this made me laugh though. at the end of the day, despite our self control we are still us...
So it's not just us? I guess Stupid is the cardinal bad word for a lot of households! I swear Momo, our kids are so similar. We cannot let them ever meet for fear of them hatching a plot to take over the world, starting with their poor parents!
oh man...but it really is a cupid just can't help it. :P
Conquer the game and no more stupid then. But, you'll probably need to say the word 100 times in the process before you'll get the hang out it and win. How cupid of me!! ;)
Stupid and shut up are words banned from my vocab. But yet I have no problem having the f-bomb slip? I think I may have a problem. And if my son turns to me and asks me what rhymes with duck I am in double trouble and not the gum type. :)
Sounds like the kind of wily ruse Matilda (also 5, coincidence? I think not) would come up with. And I too have banned the word stupid from our house.
Holy cow! It is so nice to know that we are not the only ones who don't allow stupid to be said! I was starting to think we were maybe being to strict on the language.....
Gosh, no kidding about them keeping us on our wife and I can't call politicians or celebrities on TV 'stupid' or 'dumb' any more. It's better that way, though.

As far as games go, I love of quality flash games. My daughter and I love doing the room escape games ( together. Well, she enjoys watching me try to solve them. I've only solved one of them without help. :D
At least it isn't of a four letter variety!
Sorry about your Buckeyes, we were rooting for them here. I can't say that we aren't happy about the new AP standing however.....You'll be back next year and the year after that and the year after that. You all have such a young team!!!
lol... kids are always trying to get us in trouble, huh?
Ha! Too funny. You've got a comedian (maybe even class clown) in the making on your hands.
I luuuuuv to cuss -- but I loathe the words STUPID, HATE, FAT, and SHUT UP. they are bigtime no-no's in our house. and my daughter now really doesn't like people to use them either. she polices the as much as I do!!

Great Post!!
I could have written Chuck's reply. I now let the kids say stupid, but only if they are not talking about each other or another person. Like, if they say, "this stupid lid won't come off", I can accept it. Kinda.

Hey, Momo, I tagged you. Don't know your policy on tags, but I still did it!
Clever little smart-ass. ;o)

That sounds like something I might say. I like your boy!
Gosh, from reading all these comments it seems I have some serious work to do on my family's vocab.

Mya x
Ha Ha Ha! That's too funny! Sorry, but it's nice to know my kid isn't the only one!
Stupid is a bad word in our house, too.
Hee hee. That boy is good.
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