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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where Is The Love?

I spent four hours in the emergency room on Sunday night (into the wee hours of Monday morning) for a migraine, and nausea that makes the seasickness they show on Deadliest Catch look like a day at the park.

And, all day yesterday I was curled up in the fetal position on my couch waiting for the agitation from the Compazine to wear off.

Well, not all day...half my time was spent in the bathroom going through roll after roll of toilet paper, and bottle after bottle of Lysol and anti-bacterial soap. Because what's better after a migraine than, what my Dad refers to as, a case of the "thin-dirties"?

Last night I was feeling weak and in need of something other than Imodium AD. So when my son climbed up on the couch next to me I was excited about some snuggle time.

He knew I was sick. He would be there for me. He would provide the comfort I desperately needed. I pulled him close and asked, "Who's your favorite?"

He looked up at me, gave me a big smile and said, "I'm my favorite!"

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He's going to grow into the man who when his wife says 'I love you', he will reply 'I love me too'.

He's going to grow, into me!
i hear you with the migraine pain! i have had migraines for the past two days and can almost feel one now! usually i can take a zomig and get rid of it which worked this time as well. coming back again though makes me mad!

and your son sounds adorable! very confident! hee hee.
YOU are my favorite. Anyone who suffers with migraines is numero uno in my book. I used to have 12-15 a month before I started on Topomax last October. My kids started every day asking me whether my head hurt and if I needed medicine and if they needed to be quiet. So sad. Now, I average 3-5 a month and they are not nearly so bad where I can't function thank goodness. My kids don't even ask if I am sick any more! I hope you are feeling better....

Your son and my son should really hang out. They are two peas in a pod.
Oh, that is so sweet of him! We ask Owen, "Do you love me?" and he thinks about it for a second, cocking his little head to one side, and says, "No. Owa." Meaning no, he loves himself. He clearly takes after his dad in more than looks. So sorry about your migraine, I think there is nothing worse. I also take Zomig, but haven't had to since getting knowcked up with Owen; something hormonal was causing them, and for some reason, getting pregnant fixed it. Not that I would recommend that course, LOL.
Way to go, Mom, for raising a self-assured little guy!

Hope you're feeling better. Sounds absolutely miserable!
Some people would call that cocky, I just call it self-confidence.
You have to love the confidence! Joey just said something similar to us a couple weeks ago and I said a quiet "Yesss!!"

Feel better.
migraines are hell, but the ER with the migraine trumps it, by far... You poor thing... I say, be your own favorite too! :)
Eat 2 cups of dirt (or kitty litter) and call me in the morning.
Migraines are miserable. I've been where you are. Not fun. And all that added love really could have helped. Thanks buddy!!
He's my favorite too!
Well, at least it's better than "Dad's my favorite" right? I hope you get better soon!!
Nothing wrong with being your own favourite! Sounds like an normal male comment to me ;)
He's my favorite too! I love this kid!
That's great. I like XBox's comment except when his wife says, "I love you." he'll say,

"I know."
once again i am super jealous of your son's HILARITY!
He needs to be a stand-up comedian. Big bucks, yo!
SO sorry to hear about your migranes. Been there - understand that.
LOVE the response, though. Too cute! Another one for the books (of embarrassing stories to tell future girlfriends/wife). :-)
Of course he's the favorite! :) Mine would have said the same thing too, princess that she is.
Hey!!! No self-esteem issues. That's gotta be a good thing!

I hope you are feeling better. I know the comfort of the fetal position all to well . . .
oh. he really does not disappoint, even when he disappoints....hope you feel better.
I beat cha(just a day early though), I spent hours at the ER Sat. just to find out I do not have a blood clot, yay!
Ack I hate migraines so much. Hope you're feeling loads better. And I bet your his favourite after himself. LOL.
LOL - at least you know you're doing your job in raising a confident young man. No self esteem issues there! :)

Sure hope you are feeling better soon - you know we love ya, right? ;)
Poor baby... I hope you're feeling better. I sometimes suffer with vertigo so I can empathize with that seasick feeling.

At least the boy is honest. :D
Thin-Dirties! Haha! I'm taking notes here. Hope you get to feeling better!

And ya, your boy is one of my favorites too...! :D
I hope your feeling better first of all.. and second.. that little boy of yours is my favorite too..
Ahhhhhh.... from the mouths of babes, eh?

I'd be scared to ask my kid who the favorite is.
i love that kid. he's my favorite. migraines suck *ss. that was the *real* thing that happened in the garden of eden. they got kicked out AND eve was given migraines. hundreds of years of migraines. stupid apples.
What a combo! Not sure my kids would snuggle with me if I was going through all that. Hope you are better now. There's a few cases of E Coli in our town; it's been traced to the grocery store where we shop. Doubt that's what you had but now when any of us have a stomach issue, we suspect the dreaded E Coli!
OH, so sorry to hear of your migraine! Hope you are all okay now. That is horrible. But I am sure you had a little laugh at your guy. How cute.

Did he watch Star Wars when Han Solo responded to "I love you" from the Princess with "I know"?

ok, what is the thin-dirties?
I read that post on your dad, love 'im.
You have a cutie there. I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so poorly, I hope you're feeling much better.
Oh, how I love his answer! So awesome. But really, I'm sure you're his favorite. :)
I am sorry about your sickness. I hope you get well soon.
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