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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There's No Napalm In The Air

I have mentioned before that our family is highly competitive. My husband is the worst of the bunch. Coming from a family of eleven, his sibling rivalries are taken to a much higher level. When I heard there was a movie coming out called There Will Be Blood, I thought it was a documentary filmed during a family game of Boggle.

Our nine year old daughter, who used to let her friends win just to be nice, is now changing her tune. As she has gotten older and has begun to play sports, I've noted a real ruthless streak in her. Now, with a Wii in the house her new attitude is win first, friends second.

Yesterday she was playing tennis with her Dad when she missed a ball and, as is customary, he began to rub it in her face. He saw the end was near and before going in for the kill he asked, "Do you smell that?"

And I realized my daughter has learned the first rule of competition is knowing how to talk smack when she replied, "I smell something. But, it's not your victory."

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oooo-ouch! Took him to shutty town! WTG girlie.
Best come back line EVER! Awesome!
I would have loved to see the look on his face.. hahaha
Another one she can use (it was used on me) is: "Yeah Dad, I can. I told you to lay off the chili." or: "They make deodorant for that", Both successful smackdowns in the NukeHome.
Oh, man, I LOVE that! What a girl!
She has spunk :)

Way to GO, daughter of Mo!!
when you said:

"When I heard there was a movie coming out called There Will Be Blood, I thought it was a documentary filmed during a family game of Boggle."

I chuckled out loud

when your daughter said:

"I smell something. But, it's not your victory."

I laughed really hard OUTLOUD

Gotta love her!
HAHA Mind if I use that one? My sh^t talking repertoire is in dire need of an update.
Oh Snap!
Good comeback.
Very funny.
Nice one! Hopefully it shocked him so much that he messed up and she could go in for the kill. :) Girl Power!
I picture her slamming the next serve and then doing a happy dance after that.
That is so awesome! She is my IDOL!
She is awesome.
Now, quit teasing me with the fact that you have a Wii. It's just not nice.
Oh now that was funny! SUPER funny...

That wii. It brings out our competitive spirits too!
that is awesome! don't you just love when they get to the age of comebacks.'ve taught her well.
She'll be teachin' the other girls smack on the court in no time.
AWESOME! She'll go far in life with those mad skillz!
Ha! Love that.

I just discovered my daughter's competitive side too...It makes me happy.
Attitude, the number 1 requirement in competitive sport.
he has no idea what he is coming up
*LOL!* Hilarious!
Wait? Is she me? Got the Wii for husband's 40th. Been kicking ass and taking names ever since. Will use her line next time. You Go Daughter of Mom Fali!
Like my daughter (who is five) innocently said "I smell fear!" Sounds like your daughter likewise put dad in his place. Good post!
Ha! I love it! Out of the mouths of.... smart assed kids!! <3
Great comeback!! The Wii has put a sense of competition into my twins, too. I have had the victory dance done by them in my face too many times to count! I really should start practicing my Wii games more when they are sleeping...
Just awesome.

Awesomely played on your daughter's part, and awesomely written on your part.

Bravo, madame (golf clap)
hahaha solid comeback line. Competition breeds winners so congrats on that.
who won!? was dad able to back up the smack, if not it's a slippery slope. I have had to scale back my wii bowling smacktalk as my 10 year old gets closer and closer to dethroning me.
Ahh competitiveness is not such a bad thing. It will do her well later in life I think.
I like smack talk in a kid.

I regularly encourage it while playing sports with my children.

Of course, they have yet to beat me and engage in their own versions...

Daughter - 1, Dad - 0.
More importantly how do you feel about your Wii? My younger brother doesn't want his and I'm contemplating purchasing it from him because it's a f*cking Wii and I should be appreciative but for some reason I'm not sure.
Haha, great response! I kinda of want to get a Wii myself, I love playing over at my friend's
I am SO rooting for your girl.

And wishing we had a friggin' picture of Dad's face when his little girl came back at him.
Bahahahah. She sounds like a tough one. Good for her!
Oh she's good, and so young, she's going to ok that one, hee hee.
For REAL, Momo, your kids say the most brilliant things!!
oh my BOB i love your daughter. niiiiiiice one. you're teachin' her well, momo!! rock on!
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