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Monday, December 31, 2007

It's Dog Eat Dog - Even In The Bathroom

Our family is a competitive bunch. Years ago, before we had started dating, my husband and I worked in the same office. But, instead of getting files off our desks, we would race each other to see who could finish the daily crossword puzzle first. Usually, I won. Okay, I admit that I cheated by calling my Mom fairly often...but hey, a win is a win.

My husband hates losing so much that I once saw him chuck his club into a creek on a putt-putt course. And, when he coached our daughter's t-ball team a few years ago, and they lost their first game...well, it wasn't pretty at our house afterward. Though, he at least waited until our daughter walked out of the room before he said he was so mad that he felt like throwing something. His mood actually rises and falls with the score of his fantasy football team.

The latest competitive activity in our house is Speed Stacks. If you haven't seen it, you should watch this. Not only do you need dexterity and coordination, you need to be fast. They don't include a timer for nothing. As of now, our daughter is the quickest, but we're gaining on her. Well, my husband is. I can't cheat my way to winning this.

Apparently, our five year old son is starting to take after his Dad. Because the other night, our boy stopped playing, grabbed at his pants, and as he ran to the bathroom, he yelled, "I'm going to go pee! TIME ME!"

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Oh, that's hysterical!! "I'm going to pee, time me". Out of the mouths of babes!! I love it! I have one of those husbands also. His mood changes over a baseball score, Football game, you name the sporting event and he probably gets moody about it. Drives me nuts!
'Time me!' LOL! I love it!

Happy new year!
Everything is a race at our house too, unless our son doesn't win, then he says it wasn't a race. The kids race to get naked first, to get in their pj's first, to go potty first, to get on the step stool to brush their teeth first. It's exhausting really, but at least it keeps them moving! :)
We have a lot of speed stacks around here. It may be the coolest toy ever!
thanks a lot! Like it's not easy enough to waste time on the internet.

I just spent the last hour watching speed stacking videos on youtube. I was fascinated.

But the darn laundry refused to fold itself while I was watching the vids!
having a man limit his time in the bathroom is a wonderful wonderful thing.

i wish MINE would do that.

and i wish my son would learn to *use* the potty.

then my life would be great.
Funny! He's diligently practicing to race his dad. My son and I view any public restroom as an opportunity for head-to-head urinal racing action! Damn his small capacity bladder!! I need to incorporate a handicap or something.
Sounds like something MY son would say! Too cute!! But then again, Scott is usually screaming at his sister, "it's NOT a RACE!!!" LOL!!!
I wish my boys (even the big one) would asked to be timed. Instead, I repeatedly find myself squalling, "Are you STILL in there?! What're ya doin'? Building rockets???"

Thanks for stopping by earlier. Good to see you. :)

Happy New Year!
That is so cool! Only competition we had in my house when we were kids was who could hold there breath the longest. We all swam and to this day I can still swim two lengths in the pool without coming up for air! Happy New year!
Wish I could get my daughter to let me time her. She takes FOREVER in the bathroom, and she's only four! I can only imagine what the teen years are going to be like . . .
Lawsy Mercy. If Bossy's family were that entertaining she'd cancel cable.
Oh my gosh!!! That's hysterical! :-)
My husband is pretty damn competitive too, I'm a bit... but not as much as he.

Happy New Year, thanks for the grins!

Now that I am living inside of a house FULL of people I think I might have to spring this on my family.
hahaha. was it a good time :p
That is so funny. My brothers are so competitive. It must be a boy thing.
That is hilarious. thanks for the smile.
Thanks for the GAFFAW!!
That was priceless!

Love your post!
I've ogled at those speed stackers on ESPN! It's insane, I'm so entranced by it, I can't look away!
ha ha ha ha!

Amazing what they pick up, huh?
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