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Saturday, May 24, 2008

No Dear, That's A Booger

Because my six year old son has ear canals the size of a bug, and he produces a lot of wax, he has to go to the ENT roughly once a month for a thorough cleaning.

In order to be proactive about it, I am always looking for signs of wax build-up. For instance, when he starts asking, "What?" all the time, I know I need to schedule an appointment. Another indication is when worker bees start buzzing about his head.

But usually, I can see the wax. I give his earlobe a gentle pull and, more often than not, I'll spy a gob that is screaming for me to pull it out. Though the last time I attempted to do that, I pushed it back in. Do you know how it feels to have an Otolaryngologist lecture you? I do.

So, I have to settle for pulling the lobe back to just look. I am constantly peeking in there and making comments about his ear wax.

Maybe I do it too often. Because when I was holding him the other night, he looked up at me and said, "Mom. You have some wax in your nostril."

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That's just icky.

Talking of ear wax, it was a sign that I was getting old when I was sat in a pub and all of a sufdeen felt a tickling in my ear, and a great old ball of wax rolled on out.
Bwahahahaha!! That's so funny. Obviously: laughing with, not at.
Too funny. I just saw my ENT. I got my "Doc's Pro Plugs" to protect my ear tubes. Yes, like the little kids have. At least my brain won't drown.
Too funny! But a great demonstration of transferring knowledge.
You show remarkable restraint. I may have found myself reaching for the tweezers...
When I totalled my car, the ER doctor was checking me out and found what she called an 'infraction of wax' in my left ear. She had to use a special tool to get it out. It was that big and hard and nasty.

You think I'm a filthy, filthy girl now don't you? *lol*
That is too funny.
Wax in your nose :-)
Dang!! My kid needs to take some funny lessons from yours so I'll have more to blog about!
I LOVE earwax stories! And I'm not kidding. I have an unnatural obsession. I've even had to have q-tips removed from my ears! Keep these stories comin'!
Funny that you posted about this. I pulled a MONSTER wax out of the baby's ear today. How can someone so little produce so much? ;)

76 and sunny tomorrow. EEEKKK! We deserve it.
two of my kids seems to produce a lot of earwax. i don't think it has hindered their hearing any, but every time we went to the doctor for a check-up or for sickness they always had to clean their ears before they could check them. made me feel like a horrible parent! you would think i would have learned to clean their ears before we went to the docs the next time. nope. never did learn!
LOL that cracked me up. You have the best stories.
my sugar is always telling me I have cobwebs in my nose. LOL
My goodness, does he scream? Mine screams every time the ENT vacuums out his ears. And turns himself into Doc Oc so they have to tie him down. It's horrific.

Which is why we only go every six months when we should go every six weeks.

The problem isn't lack of cleaning, it is wax forming inside the ear canal, where you can't get at it to clean it. And with those skinny ear canals (I have them also) it doesn't come out. The best advice they can come up with is baby oil, and regular, $90 screaming-and-flailing visits.

OMG, you just had me thinking, imagine going to the ENT with a booger!
SNORT! No wait don't do that, it will go back up!
I would recommend using a good pair of tweezers-- you can be much more precise.

For his ears, not your nose.

Actually, hey, to each her own-- whatever works for you.

But just be ready to lecture the Otolaryngologist right back.
Um, yeah. O has the same problem. But I totally just do what the doc does; put in a teaspoon of peroxinde to loosen it, fill a syringe full of warm water, and flush it out. It takes two of us to do it, but I figure why pay the doc $100 to do the same thing I can do at home? :)
I'll put this on my list: "Things to be Grateful We Don't Have to Deal With." I'm grateful we don't have to put our kid through this ordeal twice a year! Poor kid. Now go wipe your nose...
So glad I wasn't drinking when I read that, hee hee. I love that kid. ;)
That is so funny. I've knew that ear wax could build up like that. I learn new things every time I visit other blogs. You have a very nice blog and very entertaining posts.

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Oh wow, it would be very hard for me not to dig out his wax!
My son told me I sneeze like our dog. Love their observations...ahhhhh.
yes, i too, FINALLY am saved from keyboard clean up by not drinking. YES!!! holly has FINALLY learned her momo fali lesson!!!

um, momo? what about the little baster-type thing to plunge it out? that, too, is disgusting. i've never done. i'll let you try it first. no, go on.
When I was a kid I had a lot of earwax problems too. My mom used to buy a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution over the counter, warm it up on the stove (only takes about 30 seconds -- test to make sure it is not too hot), then put it in my ear with a small dropper while I was lying on the floor.

It bubbles and crackles in there which is actually kind of cool for a kid. After about 15 or 20 minutes you can roll over and the peroxide runs out (onto a tissue!) with dissolved wax and various chunks coming out.

We used to do this to my ears about every six months to keep them clean. I remember that everyone seemed really, really LOUD afterwards :).
Ewww... so glad I just finished eating before reading this.

Thank goodness daughter didn't have this problem.

But I just loved his response back atcha! We lose all dignity when we become moms, don't we?
LOL - glad he didn't try to copy you and push it back in!
I love that boy. How many times do you need me to tell you?? :)
Does it hurt when he gets the wax removed?
That kid never fails to make me laugh outloud!
HA! You so deserved that one. My poor kids, I feel bad but sometimes they'll be talking to me and I'm completely ignoring them due to the fact that I'm surmizing thier external hygene errors like the afore mentioned. Kind alike "Yeah, whatever, did you know you have schmutz all over your face??"
tht ws ridld wtih typos

Try putting drops of hydrogen peroxide in his ears to clear the wax. This also helps at the beginning of a cold (it shortens them--seriously!)
that is too funny...
Kids are just fabulous...
that's adorable!
I do a lot of "just looking" at stuff on the boys too...even the 1.5 year old is starting to catch on ☺
I don't know--I might have gone with, "See what happens when it doesn't get cleaned out regularly? It gets EVERYWHERE!!!"

Haha, oh the innocence.
Yuck but oh so funny coming from a little boy!
OK.. now you've got me digging my nose!!!
Ace has the same ear-wax troubles, but the kid won't sit still long enough for me to get a good look in there. Let alone get a set of tweezers in there :D
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