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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Diarrhea Of The Mouth

My kids talk...A LOT. My nine year old daughter started talking at 18 months and has been chatty ever since. It can take her ten minutes to tell a story that could've been told in three sentences. My husband and I often say that she would be an amazing FBI interrogator. Criminals would certainly cave in and divulge their secrets if they had to spend time locked in a room with her.

My five year old son rambles all day. He talks to his sister, us, and his toys. He sings while he plays, and is always making noise. He's still at a stage where he asks questions constantly too. It's enough to drive a Mother crazy.

Yesterday, I took my son to his doctor to have impacted wax cleaned out of his ears. His ear canals are very small, so they easily clog up and we've been making trips to the ENT every few months. When he starts asking, "What?" all the time, we know it's time to schedule an appointment.

After the procedure was over and he climbed out of the chair, his doctor asked, "Does that feel better?"

My son replied, "Yeah!"

Then he realized that he could actually hear himself talk and said, "But, my mouth is SO LOUD!"

You're telling me, kid. You're telling me.


ba ha ha ha.. I love it..I almost snorted water out my nose..

I know I tell you all the time.. but he is one little gem that five year old..LOL
I find this generally true of children--why don't they know to use their "inside voices"??
How funny. :)
He's a keeper man. Constant entertainment!
oh that's funny...
How cute is it that he has tiny ear drums!!! I love it!
I am totally in LOVE with your son. After reading so many posts about him, I can honestly say that I am in LOVE with him....

soooo funny. I cant take it!
yeah, it's really sad when you come to the realization how LOUD you really are... not that that's ever happened to me. nu-uh, nooooo....
I love it - he sounds like a doll!
First, poor kid, that he has to have that done. Secondly, He is hysterical!!! Unbeknowst to him, he serves up some really funny comdey. Love him!!
lol!! That is hysterical.

I've been told I have a loud mouth, but I don't think it's for the same reasons.
That is so funny. It sounds like one of my boys. Found you through Monkeys and Princesses.
lol, I bet he didn't start talking any softer after saying that either :p
That was hilarious.
He is so funny! And my 11 year old suffers from the same problem as your daughter. Spit it out already!
Don't you just love preschoolers? (most of the time) My son is 4 and he says the darndest things too. I've started writing them down because I want to remember them, but I have a terrible memory. Just the other day he informed me "Mom! I'm 4 years old and I have a DOG GONE pimple!" LOL, I was rolling!

And my kids suffer the same verbal diarrhea condition.

I think they talk just because.
I wonder if my kids have lost of wax. They also have very loud mouths.
Ahh, it's been too long since I visited your blog! This is too cute! I have a similar crazy kid story today.
Hope you're doin' well, momo!
Everytime I read about your son I am SO happy my little gremlin only knows a few dozen words.
Oh that is so cute. At least he'll turn it down for a bit now. ;)
;-) I'm waiting for my daughter to come to that conclusion! She too can go on non-stop.
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