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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Only Slightly Shorter Than In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

One of my sisters had the family over for Easter dinner yesterday. Two more of my sisters came in town for the get-together.

I only get to see them once or twice a year, so I brought plenty of toys for my five year old son to play with. I wanted him to stay busy so I would have a chance to visit. But, I made the mistake of thinking my nine year old daughter could keep herself entertained.

Shortly after dinner, she told me she was bored. So, I was relieved when my nephew asked her if she wanted to go to the basement to play Guitar Hero.

Of course, I was quickly interrupted when she wanted me to come watch her. She used the technique of half begging, half guilt-trip. "Please Mom? Please come watch me. Just one song."

Then I started begging and said, "I really just want to visit with my sisters."

"Please Mom!"

I caved. "Okay. One song."

My only request was that she make it quick.

But, that request was swiftly denied when I asked her, "What song are you going to play?"

And she replied, "I think it's called Free Bird."

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Nothing is quite as disturbing as hearing my five year old say he wants to play "Talk dirty to me" on guitar hero or as cute as hearing his little squeaky voice singing Slow Ride, take it easy.
Guitar Hero.... if I never hear 'Paint it Black' again, it will be too soon. Hope you had your lighter. =)
I think this is the first time I've ever known "Free Bird" and "short" to be used in the same sentence! ;-)
lol! Hopefully you got a nice, long visit though...yeh?
We have GH and I KNEW you were gonna say that song. Errr.
hahaha. Visiting is over rated.
Oh how funny! We have Guitar Hero too, but I've never made it upstairs to watch them. And now I know better.
Ha!! I guess it was either going to be that, Hey Jude or the original unedited version of The Doors' 'The End.'

I know exactly what you are saying. Hahahaha. Too funny!
lol. That is great!
ok, nothing beats Guitar Hero. I'm total addict.

But seriously, your 9 year old was playing Free Bird? That's the last unlockable song on the game. She'd have had to beat every other song first. You must have had one hell of a visit. lol
this is off the subject entirely, but would you mind if I added your blog to my "People to See"?
followed by 'American pie'.
So did you ever get to see your sisters? Or did they at least come down and light lighters in the air :)

Ps: For Tara: dude, I used to sing paint in black to my kids to get them to fall asleep at night, and now it's a Guitar Hero song? WTF?
I can actually feel your boredom/internal death. Feels awesome. Or perhaps that's just a sign that I would make a crappy parent who would die and possibly fall asleep if her child played 'Free Bird' in its entirety. I hope to never find out.
hahahah Free Bird. Thats the longest song EVER.

Happy Easter
HAHAHA!! That's great! DId your sisters crack up?!
Bugger. I'm assuming that's a looooooong song. Did you get to talk to your sisters afterwards though? Or did you play some air guitar yourself Miss Momo??
I got to check out this guitar hero everyone is talking about. It sounds so addiciting. :)

Hope you got a couple of minutes in with your sisters!
Oh my god! Hilarity! You might as well have enjoyed a couple brews while that was happening. As parents, we should write to the game makers to please preempt them from including Shine on You Crazy Diamond, parts 1-7 on Guitar Hero 4.
that's a whole pile of sisters. your parents - they must have liked each other.

oh that's just great. now free bird is stuck in my head. JUUUUSt great. i'm going to call *you* and sing it. and i don't sing well.
Oh that is too funny!

Hope the chair was comfortable!
Why did I know that was coming?
If she's anything like my daughter, she'd have entertained herself for hours at home...but Nnnnoooooo! :-)
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