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Friday, August 10, 2007

Look At Me

My two kids have recently taken to acting like dogs. Not only that, but I am frequently summoned to watch their "dog shows", where they pretend to eat, sleep, slurp water, play fetch, and bark a lot. It's fascinating.

In addition to these performances, I am often asked to watch dance moves, rope jumping, big-wheel riding, bubble-blowing, and swingset tricks. I also have to keep track of movements, or time them, A LOT. "Mommy, see how fast I can run around the house." "Mommy, count how many times I hop before I get to the car." These are the times I want to reply, "See how fast Mommy can make a margarita."

Why is having an audience so appealing to kids? My son even wants someone in the bathroom with him to observe his peeing skills (or lack thereof). I can't think of anything I do that I would want someone to see. Look at me! I do dishes, I fold laundry! I am amazing with a vacuum!

But, despite the constant interruptions and sometimes being bored to tears, I do find charm in knowing the mundane is so interesting to them that they want to share it. There is such innocence in getting excited about the ordinary tasks of getting to the car, or going to the bathroom. Or, in finding abundant joy because you're playing inside a big cardboard box.

Maybe we should all try to find delight in the commonplace, because it sure seems like a great way to live. Maybe if we have an unconventional attitude, we'll learn to appreciate the day-to-day. Though, it's hard to picture adults doing that. Because, I'm thinking that if I wanted to skip through the grocery store, I'd probably need one of those margaritas first.


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