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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Everyone's A Tattle-Tale

At the grocery store the other day, I was approached by a man. Yes, you read that correctly. I was approached by a man. Me! An upper-30ish...uh..."big-boned" woman, who not only still gets zits on my face, but who currently also has two zits ON MY NECK...approached BY A MAN.

He walked over, smiled and said, "I really like your glasses." Oh, did I forget to mention that? I wear glasses too.

Nevertheless, I thanked him. Then he responded, "No. I really like them."

Again I said, "Thank you."

Then he pulled his cart next to mine, leaned closer and whispered, "I was just distracting your daughter. I wanted to let you know that I heard you tell her to get some Shredded Wheat, but instead she put a box of Lucky Charms in your cart".


Ha! That's kind of a weird distraction technique, though.

Still getting zits while in your thirties is a cruel, cruel trick of nature. It should be the one thing you are safe from by this age, but, alas . . .
dang, a noisy tattle tale to boot!


He totally told.

I have zits too. Never fear. We all get them!

I bet mr. tatty tale never noticed them!
That's too funny... I can't imagine using that line on anyone! What a strange man...
Totally wierd tattle tale!
I still get zits as well so don't feel alone with that!
Men are just so strange!
Ok THIS made me laugh out loud. Too funny.
That is the weird creepy guy of the year there. He noticed the lucky charms deal and he sauntered on up to you in strange dude gonna get you mode...ewwww. What's a zit?
LOL seriously....I need stuff like that NEVER happens to me. HOw LUCKY you are that you are so dang CHARMING! :)
That is a weird distraction. Wonder if maybe if was checking you out before thats why he noticed.
Sounds like this guy is a complete weirdo. Was he stalking you and watching you and your daughter? Sounds like a classic child molester or deviant to me.
Wow, strange, creepy, and thoughtful all in one. I think that would of creeped me out...
I don't know, that seems a little weird to me...
Man, can't a girl sneak Luck Charms anymore?
Oh how odd and funny, at the same time!! I'm glad the coffee was swallowed before I read it. :D
hey, whatever works.
Oh MY GOSH! That is sooo funny! What a NARC! I bet he was popular in school!
I have a face full of zits right now. DAMN HORMONES. It's waaay worse than when I was a teenager. GRR.
ha ha ha! That's great. And didn't end up being as creepy as I was anticipating!

I wish we had lucky charms here :(
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