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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Glamorous Life

My 11 year old daughter and I were discussing the insane amount of dog hair our vacuum picks up when I told her that after our puppy dies, her dad and I will likely never get another dog.

"But, you have to get another dog!", she cried.

I asked, "Why do you care? By the time Daisy gets old, you and your brother will probably have moved out of the house."

Then she replied, "Because when we come home from Hollywood or New York to visit, we'll want to have a dog to play with."

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Ah, they'll remember the little people. How kind.
I love that!
What a great optimist.
Cute, and at least hasn't grown into 'life-in-the-old-dog-yet' genre of gags.
Too sweet.
funny!! hey, that's a good retirement plan for you guys!
we have had a lab for years and I hATE the shedding. We just got a shedding :)
You can take comfort that they will come home to visit .... as long as you have a dog for them to play with. (Maybe you could just 'borrow' a dog when you know they'll be visiting?)
Tell them that first they need to buy you a bigger house for the new dog.
I think my 11 year old would say the same thing!!!
I love that she already had put so much thought and planning into this. May she remember that I once saved her cute little skin when she is rich and famous.
When I went off to college (to become poor and obscure) I left my mom my spray-prone male cat and a gigantic billy goat that beat down the barn door every winter.

If you love your kids, you'll do as your daughter says :)
Wow, you can't ever say she never had any ambition or drive, huh!
Aw! She's too cute!
At least she's not asking for a horse to come home to!
I am "dog free" for the first time in 33 years...YEAH!

I love the part of a child that thinks even when they come home to Mom and Dad's it's HOME!

stand your ground. if you're so inclined that is. tell your daughter that the lap dog which keeps her company in her tribeca loft will easily fit on her carry-on. just don't tell your son that. we don't want him rocking lap dogs, do we?
that made me giggle. She is a forward thinker....
it's nice to have lofty ambitions...
Schnauzers don't shed. Andd yes! Who will they play with?
Ahahaha! Well, at least she added New York... when she was young, my daughter was convinced she was moving to Hollywood when she got older. Until we took her there and her eyes were REALLY opened that's it's not as glamourous as it looks on TV and in the movies.
Well gee, you can't argue with that now can you?
I love the way 11 year olds think!
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