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Momo Fali's: Question of the Day VIII

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Question of the Day VIII

You know how you have a day off, but your kids still have to go to school and you scream, "This is going to be GLORIOUS!", and it immediately goes downhill when you shovel the driveway for the fifth time in a week, and drop off the kids at school (which is not the same as dropping them off at the pool) and they argue the whole time, then you go to the ob/gyn and get a pap smear, and after that you go to the grocery store for the first time since December 23rd and trudge through the snow with a very full cart, then go to the pharmacy and find out they don't have your medicine in stock, and after you take your boatload of food home and put it away you go to your mom's house to shovel her driveway, and you're sweating, and coughing, and it's heavy, and your coffee is cold, and then a man comes across the street with his snowblower and finishes the job for you, and that man is 90 years old, and he smiles at you, and having crossed his (snowblown) path makes your heart happy and the day ends up being glorious after all?

Yeah, me too.

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MORAL OF THE STORY? snowblowers rule.
Ok first ... Heather, that comment CRACKED me up!!

Mo~ Thanks for the smile. That's awesome! I love those little lifters.
Gotta love those random acts of kindness. Stay warm and dry!
Wow! Cool! And can you imagine how much you made *his* day, too, by letting him help and not telling him he's too old or frail to?
Yup. I totally know what you mean.
I'm totally disausted after reading this.

Smiling, but disausted nonetheless.

(I miss your smiling hysterical face.)
Thanks for the smile, lady.
That just proves that every cloud does have a silver lining :)
Ah yes, the power of a 90 year old man with a snowblower!
Phew! I think I need a nap now...
I love the kindness of neighbors with snow blowers!
Yes. I love days like those.
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