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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Swing Low

Recently, someone told me that she was glad that women have to wear bras.

When I questioned her logic, and sanity, she explained that she is so happy about wearing a bra because the best feeling in the world is taking it off every night.

That friend of mine?  She's one smart cookie.

Because my son has sensory issues and because he likes to snuggle and rub my flabby arms, even if I'm in my pajamas, I wait to take off my bra until he has gone to bed.  The last thing I need is for him to accidentally run his hand a little too far up my sleeve.  Then we'd need a whole new kind of therapist.  Just sayin'.

The other night, as he was preparing to go to bed, I snuck into my bedroom and removed my bra.  As luck would have my luck would have it, when I came in and sat down on the stool in his tiny bathroom, the back of his hand brushed against my B-O-O-B.

He looked up at me and asked, "What's that?"

I honestly replied, "Well, that's one of my private parts.  That's my boob."

Then he reached his hand up and touched my chest and said, "Oh!  I thought boobs were supposed to be up here."

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OMG LOL - Please tell me you didn't try to explain the rules of gravity at such a late hour! LOL
I am speechless. That's priceless!
Oh man. I love that kid.

And your friend is a wise, wise woman. Definitely the best feeling in the world! Ahhh!
I wish you would stop writing such funny posts: I think I share EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM in my Google Reader!! :)
Thank you for the laugh this morning, even though it meant snorting my coffee out my nose at my desk. Of COURSE that was your luck! LOL.
OMG! I can't! *dies laughing*
At least he didn't ask why they were long and dangly like tube socks like my son did.

The kid needs his own TV show!

hahaha i love that kid. he's right, you know. ;)
You need to be Blogger of the Year. You could earn that on this post alone.
I love your blog- simplistic and so real. It is a bra-taking-off moment at the end of the day. Thank you.
hahaha - out of the mouths of babes ;-)
Absolutely hilarious. Humbling little things, aren't they (the kids, not the boobs)?
So freaking funny. I feel your pain, lol! I'm linking this up on Saturday, BTW.
Please to be making him into an Ice Cream flavor and sending it to me.
Now THAT is why we wears it looks like they are up there where they belong!
Heh. That kid cracks me up :)
Can I borrow him for a while? I'm in need of blog fodder.
Each thing he says is funnier than the last. I love him.
Momo, your posts always make me smile! :]
well Mrs. 4444 did what she promised you're up on the SS list.
Funny story but I don't know how old your son is.

I'm sure he wasn't too far off.
Oh. My. Gosh. I am about to pee in my pants! #1, because I agree with your friend - one of my favorite parts of the day is taking off the bra! And, oh! Your son's comment. That is classic!

Visiting from Mrs. 4444
Did you tell him that's only for college girls? Mamas, our boobs are located just a tad lower.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - Oh that just made my morning!

I found you via Mrs. 4444's Saturday Sampling. My first SS read of the day. It will be tough to top that one!

haha! very funny!
Great story! I have one for you too. One day my son saw me topless and said, "Mommy, what are those shaky things in the middle of your chest?"
LMAO>>>>Love the innocence of kids.
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