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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Old Blue

One evening, not long after we bought our house in 1998, I was home alone when I noticed a car slow down, then stop out front.  From my bedroom window I could see two men sitting in the front seat, looking up at my house.

They pulled away, but a few minutes later they were back.  This went on a few times...them slowing, then stopping in front of the house, then pulling away, only to return again.

As dark approached, I called my husband and asked him to hurry home.  Then I called my sister-in-law, who lived nearby.  Right after I hung up with her, I stood frozen in the dark corner of my living room as I saw one of the men peeking in the window just a few feet from where I was standing.

My first call was to the police (the man was caught and arrested at the end of my street) and my second call was to my husband to tell him that I wanted a dog.  Like, now.

A month later we went to look at a litter of Labradors.  I didn't pick out the snugly pup or the one who was covering me with kisses.  I chose the dog who was pulling my purse across the driveway.

Here's a hint...when choosing a puppy, the one who pulls your purse across the driveway may also turn out to be the one who drags a 25 lb., frozen turkey out of the kitchen sink and tears it to shreds that you find all over your house.

She may be the one who gets the trash can off the kitchen counter and spreads coffee grounds and dirty diapers in every room.

She could be the dog that you refer to as, "The Shark" because she eats everything in sight, including the entire box of doughnuts belonging to the construction workers down the street, a 12 inch tall, solid-chocolate bunny, a breast pad, and a ham shank that makes her leave piles of diarrhea and vomit all over the house. 

Also, that mess might just be discovered on your 30th birthday AND be smelled all the way from your garage.  Your detached garage.

Did I mention that she may jump the fence and run away frequently too?  So, you'll have that going for you.

But, she might also be the dog who fiercely protects you and viciously barks at anyone who even looks at your yard.  She could be the one thing that makes you feel safe in your own home, because you know she wouldn't let anyone hurt you.

She may be the most loyal partner you could ask for, but once you have a baby she leaves your side to go lay under the crib. 

She could be one of the best dogs you ever have.

But damn, it's going to hurt your heart bad when she gets old.

Fair warning.

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The hardest thing I will do is say 'good bye' to our Lab Maxx. Best dogs ever!

Sending good thoughts to 'The Shark," and to you.
Is the shark a yellow Lab? Either way she is a gorgeous dog. Your post made me tear up thinking about the two dogs I have already lost and how my own yellow lab is 8 now. I love dogs but it just sucks how they go so fast. Hope the shark heals up and can stick around as long as possible.
A good dog is a precious thing. Enjoy Old Blue as long as you can.
Essentially, if your Lab doesn't do most of the things you describe in his/her lifetime, then you got a lemon.

Murphy sends his best to you and Blue.
You know I've been there. Enjoy every moment. xoxo
Been there, done that. But the pain of them leaving one day doesn't compare to the joy they brought while there were here.
We've had several dogs. One, Dagmar was my favorite. She died on my 50th I wasn't depressed enough already!

Dogs are great companions.

Sadly, we now have a cat!

awwww....we had to put our almost 10 year old yellow lab down this past June, and it was so hard. We got her right after getting married and she protected me on the numerous duty nights that my husband was away--I was a big chicken and hated being alone!
She also did all of the above you mentioned, minus the donuts!
Such a pretty dog you have :)
Big hugs to you & your family-- its so hard to watch them get old and sick, isn't it?
Wow. What a beautiful dog. And I'm so glad they caught that guy, whatever he was up to; sounds like they already knew him.
Aaaaawwww! This was the sweetest post! And your doggie is absolutely beautiful!

I'm revisiting your site from an ancient post on mine...

And this resonates. Because we had to put our black [lab] baby down 2 weeks ago today.

Hugs to you and yours....
I bought a schnauzer for the same reason! What he likes in size, he definitely makes up in his fierceness for his family. After having kids, he may not be my favorite man in the house, but I can feel comfortable and safe knowing he is watching the house. And yes, I am reminded daily, that my little man is getting older daily. The days that I come home to chewed up dirty diapers all over the floor, I have to remember what that silly dog means to me and my boys!
my heart.
oh. my hell.

yes yes yes and sob

She's beautiful.

That's a great dog there. And yes, when they finally get into old dog stage, it's a very sad thing. Enjoy these years as much as possible.
They become part of your family.

I curse out my son's boxer and pitbull, but when I travel, its good to know they are there.
I'm sorry.
Best friend are hard to lose.

Awww, so sorry to hear- very difficult to have aging pets.
The turkey story reminded me of growing up our basset hound, while pregnant and near due with huge litter, devoured an ENTIRE holiday ham, bones and all off the stove. My mom freaked, she looked like a blown up whale on the beach after drinking near a gallon of water... and kept it all down. Poor baby was MISERABLE all night. She never counter surfed after that.

We lost our faithful yellow lab at near 12 years old, his eyesight failing, scared of his own shadow, protected the kids and stuck like glue to my side as long as he could.

Hugs to you and the family.

WV- heriuman
Our pets are our kids, we consider them heri(h)umans.
There's nothing better than the companionship of a great dog. And that relationship is worth every bit of chaos they unleash.
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