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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life List 11-20

A funny thing happens when, in a seven-day period, you have three doctor's appointments, your car gets broken into, you take your kids trick-or-treating, have friends over for dinner, then your other friends open an art gallery, you attend a Cub Scout outing and fill thirty-six bags full of leaves.  Thirty.  Six.

All of that?  Means you don't have time for a blog post.

So, in light of the events of the last week, and in lieu of an actual post, here is a continuation of my Life List

11.  Visit the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.  Probably not the safest place to travel, but I'm willing to risk it.

12.  Get a tattoo.  This will be over my husband's dead body.

13.  Taste each chocolate in the Intense collection from Richart Chocolates.  The categories are Balsamic, Roasted, Fruity, Citrus, Herbal, Floral and Spiced.  Need I say more?

14.  Go skinny dipping.  This won't be pretty, so I'll likely go it alone.

15.  Grow my own tomatoes.  Because my in-laws are probably tired of giving us all of theirs.

16.  Take a dance class.  I'd like it to be an old-school, hip-hop class, but I'm close to 40 and I think it might be illegal to shake my groove thing like that in public.  Polka, anyone?

17.  Learn how to properly skip a stone.  Though, not at the same time as #14.

18.  Sample 100 types of beer.  Natural Light Ice, I am not talking to you.

19.  Renew my wedding vows with my kids present.  That sound you just heard?  That was my husband screaming.

20.  Breed a dog and keep one of the puppies.  Yep, that's still my husband.

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Regarding the dance class, I say GO FOR IT. I have knocked out (cold) about a dozen people with my hips since I started taking Zumba class, but it's SO FUN.

(and I don't think my victims remembered a thing.)
Go skinny dipping with the hubs and it will be more fun.
When the Husband and I lived in Tennessee we frequented a bar that boasted at least 300 different beers.

When a patron had 100 different brews a commemorative mugs was awarded. Yes, we have a lovely set of six. (No, we didn't have to drink all 100 on one night.)

You can do it!!
Dancing has NO age limits! Go for it! I agree with Melisa try Zumba you love it! :)

Great list!
Both our cars broken in to about a month ago...not fun. Horrible.

I'm with you on the leaves...though I haven't had to do them this year as in years past. We usually end up with 8 or 10 trailer loads of MULCHED leaves to get rid of every fall. Right now, rounds 1,2,&3 are in a truck-sized pile for the kids to smush and play in (aka-mulch)

Tattoo- I'm in!!
Oh and dance- go for it!! I'm afraid zumba would give me a heart attack, but our studio has an adult tap class and we have a blast!
Nice list!

I'm sure the tattoo thing is that you want one, but he's not so keen so you're not getting it simply because you don't want one *that* badly and you like him to be happy and not because he has commanded you from on high that it is not permitted? Because the way you wrote it kind of implies the second one.

It is your body, if you want one, go get one! I love mine. My wife and I got matching ones on our fifth anniversary. When I had to spend some time in hospital my tattoo brought me a lot of peace just by being there. Made me feel less lonely.
This is a badass life list. Seriously, I can see you tackle them all! Also? FYI? if you breed puppies, I will def drive to OH for one- I'm DYING for a lab puppy!
I want to see a condor alive and in person. I think I did once, but it was high up there and I didn't have binoculars to prove it.

That chocolate sounds really, really good!
I was OK until we got to the renewing the vows thing...guys hate that...we said it once, you believed it then, hang on to that!

You're going to tattoo your husband's dead body?! ;)
Love it. :)
Ever tried Killian's Irish Red?

Tattoo? call me (doing little ringie-sign with hand on face), I'll go with you. ;-)

homegrown tomatoes? I'll trade you one newborn kitten for some fresh 'maters (when they're both ripe, of course).

geeez. I'm crude tonight.

dude. The word verification is "subtl". no shit.
I say go for it!
Can we make this a collaborative effort? (I meant the beer part!)
I took pole dancing last year, i can give you my teachers name!!!
You should totally take the hip-hop dance class! you're never too old to shake your groove thing!
I think the Winking Lizard still has a beer tour. After you try/buy so many beers you get a LEATHER JACKET......ooooooooo
I will totally take a dance class with you! I have always kind of wanted to - ever since mutual friends did years ago. And I *must* be in on the chocolate tasting!

Car! Wha? When?!??
I've done 14, 15, and 17. I think #11 would be well worth the risk too. #18 is one of my life's ambitions. Last time I tried to do it I wound up doing #14. Don't you hate it when commenters refer to numbers and you have to go back to find out what they mean. Good list.
Yeah, don't mix #18 and #14.....did it in Wisconsin in October and YES I was very drunk, but I still remember how freezing the water was!
Wait--#20--is that still your husband screaming or are you calling your husband a dog?
I think there's a pretty cool place in Key West where you can knock out #18. And as a bonus if you drink all 100 you get a t-shirt which will come in handy when you finish #14.
I think #11 would be well worth the risk too. #18 is one of my life's ambitions. Last time I tried to do it I wound up doing #14. Don't you hate it when commenters refer to numbers and you have to go back to find out what they mean. Good list.
I am getting a tattoo and running my first 1/2 marathon in May (egads, I can't believe I just wrote that) and turn 40 this month. Take the hip-hop dance class. xo :)
Just found your blog from Melisa's blog and I can't even tell you how many things we have in common. I want a tattoo badly but my husband hates them. I would love to renew my vows but I think my husband would sooner jump off a cliff that live with bridezilla again (I really wasn't mean to anyone...except him). and i have always said i want to bread dogs, like when the kids move out of the house so it doesn't' feel so empty. I'm not with you on the beer though, i just can't DO beer. and I LOVE me some chocolate but I'll stick with the basics, milk chocolate, maybe some caramel or mint but nothing spicy or fruity.
i can't skip a stone to save my life and i have always wanted to get a pool suit somewhere like the sybris just to go skinny dipping safely.
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