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Momo Fali's: Random Realizations: Marathon Man Edition

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Random Realizations: Marathon Man Edition

1.  If your husband spends his Sunday morning running a marathon and you spend the same Sunday morning chasing him around the city, with two kids and you hold an eight year old on your shoulders for an hour, you will both be sore.

2.  If you're driving to and from mile markers for hours, you will have to stop at Tim Horton's for breakfast and Wendy's for lunch.  You know, out of necessity.  Your husband, on the other hand, will run 26.2 miles on two bananas and some peanut butter crackers.

3.  When you spend 45 minutes creating a great sign that says things like, "Keep it up!" and "Be strong!", don't be surprised if your son sees your finished project and decides that your sign is the perfect paper on which to stamp a pink butterfly.

4.  Don't be shocked when you walk nine blocks to your viewing spot and as soon as you arrive, your son tells you he has to poop.

5.  Which is why you should always store a training potty and kitty litter bags in the back of your SUV.

6.  Then you will count your blessings that your eight year old is still small enough to use it.

7.  Much in the same way that when you have been playing in the ocean, you can later close your eyes and still feel the waves...when you watch a marathon full of people go by, you will later close your eyes and see runners.

8.  When your husband approaches the finish line and your daughter sneaks through the fence to run the last stretch with him, you will feel so much pride that your heart might burst.

9.  Then you'll watch your husband complete his race to the sound of applause and cheers of the crowd.

10.  And you will listen, then cringe, as the race announcer mispronounces his name.

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Congrats to hubby! Such a huge accomplishment!!
Congratulations on the race well run, all of you!

(The university my late grandfather-in-law, former FCC chairman, donated his papers to, had a big to-do over it--and the master of ceremonies botched his name. It's the only-human thing to do, right?)
That is so awesome! Congrats to him (and you) for surviving the day!
I can't imagine running a marathon. My body wouldn't hold up for that long. But a hearty congratulations to your hubster for finishing. Of course, your day wasn't without challenges, but seeing them both cross the finish line makes it all worthwhile. I hope you got some pictures as they came across.
AWESOME!! I am not a runner- very much in awe at anyone who can run more than 100 yards...

The potty thing... a fellow dance mom keeps a little camping porta-pottie in her van. Yes, I've heard tell of adults using it in desperation. Ha.

Way to go Mom/wife/cheering section!!
My 19-year-old-son's (Happy Birthday, Jim!) "other mom" you know, best friends with a kid since age three, they call each other's mom "my other mom." Yeah, her. Anyway, she ran her first 5K yesterday, and next year, I am going to run it with her. I walked one a couple weeks ago, and decided I could do better.

Congratulations to the marathoner!
You both finished a marathon? Wow! That is amazing and congratulations! ;)

P.S: Thanks for the potty and kitty litter tip. Good to know.
Wow, he must be a contender!

Go Mr. Foley! (assuming he's Dadofali and they mispronounced)

Love the list - so...fitting.

Litter? Hmmm...
#8 got me all verklempt... congrat to your Marathon Man!
You guys need your own personal sit-com. Ratings would be off the charts with a plot like this. I guarantee it! Hilarious!
Congrats to the Mister! What a great accomplishment!
I'm glad you were able to complete your own marathon too.
Congrats to your husband! What a HUGE accomplishment!

I run my first 5K on saturday! I can't imagine what its like to run a marathon!

That sounds like one interesting race - more for the spectators of the kitty litter bags than the runners!
Very cool! Congrats to your hubby, and you guys are awesome for following him and cheering him on.
That's totally super awesome. Congratulations to your husband! You're family rocks.
WTG Momo's Hubby! And seriously what kind of MORON mispronounces your last name????
Way 2 Go Mr. Momofali!!

And don't feel bad about the last name, mine has five letters and people screw it UP every day!

I'm impressed with your husband. Congrats to him. If our family attempted this my wife would need to swap out the traingin potty for a gurney.
I love this post! #9 made me teary (yeah, I also cry on commercials). Congrats to your husband!
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