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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One of Those Reptiles

You may remember how, recently, my mom called my niece's Volvo, a "vulva". And, a few days ago she was telling me a story about my oldest sister getting seasick when she called a catamaran, a "Cameron". Like my sister was floating around on a person's back.

Yesterday, my mom was telling me about a pair of shoes.

We were sitting at her kitchen table when she mentioned that she got some new clogs. She was trying to describe them to me when she finally said, "Oh, you know, they're those Gators that you and the kids have."

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I officially love your Mom.
Gotta love it!!!
Lol! And you wash them with soap, right? In awhile, Croc-a-Dial!
You are seeing your future my dear!

Ahahahahhhaha! Ahahahhahhah!

Your mom is a riot!

My girlfriends mom said the other day, "lets see what's on TV, I think we should watch 'So You Think America's Got Talent'."
She must be from Florida.
I am always amused by folks who miss the mark like this. My ex MIL used to call her convection oven a "confection" oven. We always joked that she never made us any candy.
She's precious.
In ten years, this will be me talking like this.
OMG! HYSTERICAL! That's just plain awesome :)
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