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Momo Fali's: Is that a Sedan or a Wagon?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is that a Sedan or a Wagon?

My 76 year old mom is well known for her mispronunciation.

But, I think she topped herself today when she called my niece's car a "Vulva".

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well it can get you around....
Hahah! Mispronunciations are really the best.
Oh, you just made my day!
My FIL is bad about the same thing, but I doubt he could ever top that.
LOL thank you soooo much. a much needed giggle. :)
The best is driving one of those with the top down.
Love it, my 91 year old Mother was UPset that the waitresses at "Hosiers" were in short shorts and crop tops...they were in Indiana...she was mucho mad when I told her she had been to Hooters!

That's awesome! I love it!
I need to start writing down some of my parents' gems.
BWA HAAHAA! I always call them that, too. . . your mom is awesome!
Can you get that in a sports car edition?
Ahahahah HAHHAHHAHAH hahahahah AHHAHA

Ask Duffy to tell you his vulva story some day...not a mispronunciation, just a flagrant misuse.
I love it!
So Mo ... how *will* she top that car?
My grandmother sounds similar to your mother - only she wouldn't even flinch when she would refer to a woman's nether regions as a twot. Not a bottom. Not a vagina. Certainly not a vulva...
This I needed this morning.
Dude, you need a "Shit my mom says" twitter account!
I'm suddenly beaming with pride that I drive a Volvo for 2 hours a day.
That's just awesome.
Geez. Girl parts have the worst names.
i bet that thing handles like a dream.
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