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Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's All Brain

Later today, I will be having some minor, outpatient surgery on my girly parts. Just because it's minor, doesn't mean I'm not nervous.

I have only had surgery three times in my life. Two of the three were c-sections, for which I stayed awake and the third was for my wisdom teeth. That is the only time I have ever been put under sedation. I'm not going to lie. I liked it.

But, I was only 19 years old then and delving into blackness was kind of cool. Now, I'm more than twice that age...and I can tell you for certain that today's surgery won't hurt nearly as much as typing that did.

Given that my eight year old son has had a lot more experience on the operating table, I asked him for some advice. We were counting his I.V. scars last night when I said, "I'll be getting an I.V. tomorrow and I'm not sure, but I might have to use a mask to go to sleep too."

At this point, I thought he might tell me what to expect. At the very least, I imagined he would tell me not to worry.

Instead he said, "I sure hope the hospital has big masks, because you have a big head."

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Heh. I bet that was a real comfort! Good luck today.
haha, Ouch?

He SLAYS me.

I'll be thinking of you today! xoxo
Outta mouths of babes! I'm sure you'll do fabulously well, take advantage of the rest! I'll be thinking & praying for you!
Thinking of you today and sending lots of hugs.
A. That kids great!
B. Good Luck today. I had it done a few years back and it was not that big of a deal.
C. Take it easy and know that I love you.
OMGosh I am so sorry for LOL at that statement! Hoping all goes well with your surgery and heres to a speedy recovery!

oh and my word veri is 'gasmo' kinda fitting =)
I wish I could be there to watch you wake up. That's always so glamorous. I would bring you chocolate and big hugs.

Sending lots of good thoughts ... especially from someone who's had several surgeries on her girlie parts. :)
Give him a big hug for me, best laugh I've had in days.

You'll do great!
Love kids! Good luck today xoxo!
Good luck, lady.
Thinking of you today. xoxo
Good luck and good night, sweet Momo ... enjoy your dreams.
I'll be thinking about you.

Also, I think your head is pretty normal sized.

He is hilarious. So sorry you have to go through a scary procedure, no matter how minor. Will be thinking of you.
Man, I love that kid.

This post is more proof that we are eerily the same person split into two seperate bodies. I have only had three surgeries. Two of which were c-sections and the third was my wisdom teeth. I was put under general anaesthetic for the first section and for the wisdome teeth, which I had out a few days before I turned 18. I am almost twice the age I was when I had my wisdom teeth out. I ask you, are you weirded out yet?

Good luck with your surgery and I'll keep my fingers crossed that they have a mask big enough for your head. ;)
Laughter is really the best medicine! Well done, kiddo!
Well, Give him a big hug for me, best laugh I've had in days.
Perception is reality!

He's very real, so I perceive.

...and funny!

Thinking of you my big headed friend. Wink.
Ah, but big heads are that way for big brains...from one big head to another ;)

Hope all went well, my dear.
At least he didn't comment on the size of your girly parts...

Good luck tomorrow!
hope it goes or went well.
That kid!

I hope you're recovering comfortably.
He has such a way with words!
{{{awkwardly hugging your girly bits}}}
first off....your kid is awesome!

SEcondly...I hope you are recovering nicely!
Your boy is ever a font of great wisdom.

I am glad you made it though the surgery and all and still provide such entertainment!

(((and take care of yourself, listen to your dr. and don't over do it,)))
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