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Friday, August 13, 2010


A few nights ago, I had a dream that I hopped on a plane back to New York. I had my kids in tow and after our arrival in the city, we ended up in a cavernous ballroom with an ornamental ceiling and chandeliers above our heads. The room was empty, with one exception.

On the floor was a long piece of paper, plain white, roughly the width of a roll of wrapping paper. It extended about 10 feet and at the foot of it was a set of brushes and a painter's palette. Someone, a faceless someone, told us to begin painting.

At first, my kids and I stared at one another and shrugged our shoulders because we had no idea what to put on our blank canvas. When we finally began to paint, we crafted our art separately from one another. A swoosh here, a dab there, we mixed colors and techniques, blending into each other effortlessly, yet creating our own unique pieces.

We were there for quite a while and though we had worked as three individuals, we stood to find that, together, we had painted a beautiful picture. A picture that looked just like the one I'm standing next to here...

This is the artwork that was inspired by my post for the BlogHer Voices of the Year Art Gala and Auction. My friend, Melisa, snapped the above picture before I got dressed up for the evening (because, right now my friend Jill is all, "She wore jeans?") and just seconds prior to me crying so hard that my nose turned bright red.

I cried because the photo-art was, by complete chance assignment, by my friend Mishi. I cried because my post title was "Into the Light" and she beautifully captured its essence. I cried because she incorporated things that make me feel joy, things that feed my spirit, and things that mean something to me (you can see the fact that I love the sun and trees by looking at my header, which was created by the talented Courtney from Judith Shakes Designs).

I love that creativity can inspire others to be creative. I love that, together, Mishi, Courtney and I have fed off of each other. The reason that I began blogging is because I was searching for an outlet to unleash my own creativity.

The fact that it has led to fueling my dreams is simply a bonus.

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Pure lovey squishiness is what I feel when I look at that picture of you next to Mishi's picture. ♥
What a beautiful picture and post! I am so happy that you were a finalist. It's just lovely!
How awesome, you are exuding happiness in this photo.
Wow--that is amazing. I missed that entire show, darn it.

It was wonderful to get to talk to you more this year!
I love art, and the jeans are just fine with me!

I love you, D. I love you like a sister.
I feel better just basking in the glow of that picture :)

Beautiful and cool!
"A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission." ~Neil Peart.

Right on.
That's awesome. (And, TRUST ME, no one noticed the jeans...)
Wow thats a nice story - What a beautiful image. The picture almost blends into you. Like it has become to you.

Thats real sweet!
I loved being there when you saw it. I love you!
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