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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Gift

With my trip to New York wrapped up, I have had a full day to reflect on the events of BlogHer'10.

The experience, for me, was not about the venue or the sponsors. It's not about the parties either (though I'm not going to lie, Mama Pop knows how to throw one down).

BlogHer conferences are about learning from each other, about our work, our craft and about our overall awesomeness as a community. We. Are. Awesome.

Of course, some of us are more awesome than others. There are true artists in our midst. People who ooze creativity and whose presence in a room makes the air vibrate and increases our collective intelligence because they actually make us think. And, feel. And, live.

One of those artists is Karen Walrond. She is a genius. She exudes brilliance and I feel like I am more aware of everything since I met her. Not to mention that what she said here, made me cry in all kinds of good ways.

I was so fortunate to get my own personal photo shoot on the streets of New York with Karen behind the lens. I had been in the city for almost two days before we met and had been dealing with a massive headache that would not go away. I was tense, nervous and the stress of the previous two weeks was inside my brain trying to pound its way out.

After spending time with Karen, though? My headache went away, the tension was gone and I finally breathed. She was, quite literally, the cure for what ailed me.

Thank you, Karen, for more than just this photograph. Thank you for making me feel joyous and alive. Thank you for the gift of knowing you.

Next up: Secret Agent Mama

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Wow, that's a gorgeous photo! Nice to finally meet you... "the other jill"
Great. Now I feel even crappier about not having been there. =)
That pic is pure awesomeness.
My heart breaks that I wasn't one of those room sparks that you referred to.
She captured your beauty almost as much as it shows in real life.
She truly captured how beautiful you are! You were a fabulous roommate, so gracious, so funny. It is a pleasure to know you!
SUCH a gorgeous photo! Thanks for giving me a new blog to stalk ;)
You look like Charlie's fourth Angel. In a really good way.
Love that photo! And a little jealous, too - I've always wanted Karen to take my picture. :)
Oh My Goodness! That is my FAVORITE photo of you EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
I simply adore that photo. Pure gorgeousness. When I look at it, it brings back all the wonderful memories I have of your warmth, nurturing nature and caring personality. You took such good care of me when I first arrived at BlogHer (and believe me, I was a hot mess) and the next day as well. I feel truly honoured to have finally met you in person. You are truly a rare gem. It's true that the camera doesn't lie. You should always have a breeze blowing your hair back because you are truly something spectacular. I miss you already! Because of how you took me under your wing on Thurs and Fri, I was able to go out on Saturday, full of confidence, and take the convention head-on. You'll never know just how much you've impacted my life. xoxo're one sexy momo!
You are radiant. Inside and out.

Aw, thanks for the good words, friend, and thanks so much for letting me photograph you! I'm so glad to hear you were feeling better after our time together!

Stay radiant,

Great picture!

Oh, Momo, I am so happy for you!

I'm a bit sad that I had to miss it this year (& not see you), but I'm enjoying following your stories and photos.

You're absolutely gorgeous in that photo (well, in real life, too, but I mean, wow, that photo is fabulous).
You know what I mean, right?
Momo is a sexy MoFo!
She captured your soul from the inside out...simply *radiant*
My favorite pictures of you over the years are going through my head. This picture captured much more of that special something inside you ... you DO look absolutely radiant!! I *love* it.

*ahem* ... 'THEE' Jill ;)
She is amazing ... she really is.
So are you - I love you! You are even more beautiful in person!
I love that photo-- and I loved meeting you!!
Simply Absolutely Fabulous.
That is a STUNNING photo. You are gorgeous. Truly.
You are gorgeous! That is a wonderful photo!
Beautiful! (I'm chuckling at the black background. Everyone wears black in NYC. Even the backdrops!)
Wow. What an amazing picture. Awesome.

Can I jump you all over again?
You look gorgeous in that photo! Brilliance. And how did I not hear about this before now? :) Miss you!
Momo, you are joyous and alive. I witnessed it many times over the weekend.
Interesting. I have the same photo of you in my wallet. Now how did that get there?
Oh, that's just lovely! I like how you can see all the little strands of hair blowing back.
It's so refreshing to meet people like that, who make the world better just by being there. Great picture!
That's such a fantastic shot! I am glad you had a fabulous time at blogher. I guess meeting people who inspire you is an added bonus! Thanks for sharing.
What a wonderful picture of you!!! I screams happiness!

It's great you had that opportunity!

Wish i knew you were nearby!
You look lovely - and it was great to meet you at BlogHer. Margaret at Nanny Goats in Panties just sent me a pic of us partying - you look beautiful - and I look certifiable.
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