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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

With Extra Wheat

A couple of days ago, I sat down with my husband and kids to watch an Oprah rerun featuring Dr. Oz. He was discussing the diabetes epidemic in America.

I wanted my 11 year old daughter to see the show, because she loves food that is horrible for her. If I let allowed it, she would eat doughnuts for breakfast, bologna on white bread for lunch and chicken nuggets for dinner. With extra dipping sauce.

I don't let her. I buy plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole wheat bread and pasta and she is not allowed to drink soda unless it's a special occasion or if she sneaks one at a friend's house. Don't think you're fooling me, girl. She is in the 50th percentile for height and weight. She is healthy. For now.

I wanted her to see that, given the opportunity, she needs to make her own good decisions about nutrition. I don't want her to end up like me. I can't even keep sweets in the house because I have no self-control. If only I was as obsessed with laundry as I am with sugar. No one would ever run out of underwear.

My eight year old son loves all food. My mom can't believe it. Really, it's like a grandparents dream come true. He never asks what's for dinner, he just sits down and starts eating everything on his plate. He weighs 42 pounds, so I'm pretty sure he's just trying to bulk up.

My boy craves pine-nut hummus and red peppers. He eats blueberries and raw veggies like they're going to stop harvesting them. Given his congenital heart disease, this is a good thing.

At the risk of losing readers who are also PETA members, I will admit that I have long said that I would be a vegetarian if someone else did all the food prep. All that washing and cutting...ugh.

Although I think I could survive without meat, you can't deny that it is awfully easy to make chicken. Boiled chicken, grilled chicken, baked chicken, rotisserie chicken hot and ready for consumption on the end-cap of my local grocery store...

I don't think my son would complain if I put him on a vegetarian diet either. Of course, he enjoys chocolate too. He's a lot like his mother.

Which can only mean one thing.

Someday, he is really going to like beer.

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Meat = Yum. Beer = yum. Throw in a potato and some raw veggies and fruit and I'd be in heaven.
Hey there is wheat beer...I don't see an issue.
My son is currently a self selecting vegetarian. He is 3. He just doesn't like meat. But he eats large quantities of fruits and a few veggies, and yogurt so I am not terribly worried but I have to watch it because he has a sweet tooth. Munchkins? Why yes, he will have 12 thank you very much. It is a balancing act. Did your daughter get the message?
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I think she did get it. She was disgusted to see how much sugar is in ketchup and soda and she skipped dessert!
it is pretty gross, some of the things we eat. It really is about balance...

i could totally be a vegetarian, IF my husband could.
I tried to get my 6 year old son to lay off the ketchup. He said okay just give me some ranch dressing then. :)
I could NEVER give up red-meat! Or doughnuts!
Well, I am not terribly worried but I have to watch it because kids has a sweet tooth. Anyways, Nice sharing!
I am sure the PETA folks quit reading my blog loooooooooong ago!


Go Meat!
This is awesome that your kids are good eaters, non picky eaters, and that they are into healthy choices. I am hoping that when we have kids we can instill that in them too. ALSO, I SO wish I could keep fruit in the house but Curt hates fruit & I can't eat it quick enough!
Beer is made from veggies? Right? Problem solved.
There is no way I could give up meat and beer. I don't know why, but rich foods or sweets might as well be dog doo to me, don't like them at all.
Man has been eating meat since the beginning, so i don't think there's anything wrong with that. Its our behaviors. Good for you having them watch and learn!!!

Keep crackin' the whip!!

I'm with Weaselmomma! Meat = Yum. Beer = yum

I'll send you my chocolate...
I couldn't give up meat no matter who did the preparing. There's nothing like a cheeseburger, fries and a beer. And doesn't everyone like beer. Isn't beer healthy too, something about barley and hops? Those are healthy!
I could give up meat and not really miss it. I eat mostly chicken and RARELY red meat (haven't had a steak in 20+ years).
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