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Friday, July 31, 2009

Sugar, Sugar

I had my first migraine when I was eight years old. I remember being in the school nurse's bathroom, alone, scared, vomiting up my cafeteria lunch with my head hurting so bad that I wanted to crack it open on the corner of the sink and let the pain spill all over the linoleum floor. Ah, good times, good times.

I have tried a lot of different medications in the last thirty years, but none of them really work. Five weeks ago, I decided to take things into my own hands and see if giving up sugar would help.

It's not no-sugar, but it's so-low-it-may-as-well-be-no-sugar. And, you know what? It did help. In a four week span, I had one headache. ONE. That's unheard of.

But, in the past week (and I'm totally blaming this on my trip to Chicago) I have let myself enjoy bread, and wine...and chocolate again. Which is probably why I'm typing this at 5:00am and have been up all night with a headache.

Yep. It's time for me to get back on the wagon.

At the very least, my teeth are very happy about this situation. The Honey Nut Cheerios, however, are ticked.

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What about Lucky Charms?
I have had migraines from early childhood as well - so many I cannot remember when they started. Regular chiropractice adjustments have helped but I have wondered if I ought to bite the bullet and try the no-sugar and/or no white flour routine. Oh man, I dread doing that (though I'm sure my head and my belly and my teeth would thank me). Good for you and keep me/us posted!
-->I think I'm getting a migraine at the Thought of not having sugar. Bless your heart. My husband wouldn't want to be around me if I didn't have chocolate everyday.
you are a better woman than i am if you can give it up.

on the other hand, the looming threat of a migraine might make me think about kicking my white chocolate macadamia nut cookie to the curb ...
I'm with're made of stronger stuff than I am. I'm so glad to hear it is helping, though!
I had migranes for years. I could never find anything to stop them. Then when I got to be about 45. They just stopped. No idea why but glad! I feel for you. Its NO FUN.

Lets pray your's stop soon.
I'm glad you are finding something that helps. It's a miserable condition to say the least.
I hear ya. I'm staying away for salt and, God save me, alcohol for a bit to see if helps my blood pressure.

However, I maintain selling the kids to gypsies would be a more effective cure.
On the plus side, they've had a long time to come up with decent sugar-free chocolate.
I totally get that Momo. I had to give up a lot of foods when I met with ny neurologist for the first time, and one of them was chocolate.

Which is not bad cause *whispers* I'm not that big of a fan if it in the first place ;)

I hope it keeps working for you because I totally understand your pain.

Well that just sucks. I mean going on a low sugar thing. I'm sure the headaches suck too though. Maybe you could eat the sugar and bread etc. and then just take Morphine to counteract the headaches? Just a thought.
Gah! no sugar?


I tend to get them mostly from being dehydrated. Which happens often. Shame on me. :P
Can you have sugar substitutes? I'm not a big sugar or chocolate fan so I could handle it.
I can't write the interjection I want to put here, because I have standards that I must maintain.

But criminy. No chocolate? I would wither and die.

They can send a space shuttle into orbit to dock with a space station; they've turned corn into fuel and light into electricity; they've invented television screens that can be bent like cloth... WHY can't they come up with a CURE for migraines?

You have my sympathies.
I had my first migraine at age 11. Mine are very tied to my hormones but chocolate and alcohol are huge triggers for me. Also whenever I have a change to my sleep patterns that kills me too. BlogHer was a recipe for disaster ... new time zone, too little sleep, alcohol, and I won a thing of chocolates from t-mobile while there. Gah! Nothing worse than a migraine ...!
I hope you feel better.. (and that a certain little someone is not in the mood to play slug bug with you!) :)

Oh.. and you are a stronger woman than I.. I wake up thinking about sugar. which is probably where this wide load I call a butt came from.. :)
I hope you are doing better!
My older son and husband just went gluten-free last week. Within three days, husband's headaches (of months) and arthrihtis (of years) was gone! I am strongly believe food has a big effect on our body!
I can sympathize as I also suffer from migraines. I tried the whole 'give up this food, give up that food' for weeks and months but never did find out what causes them. So how great that you've found a way to keep them at bay - yes, go get back on that sugar-free wagon!
no sugar i think i'd be fine but dont mess with my salt!

i am glad you found some relief-good luck getting back on the wagon...
I will die a slow and painful death when/if I'm diagnosed w/ diabetes.
My migraines have been in remission, so to speak, for a few years. I think it is the mostly low carb diet I follow. Which has also helped my IBS considerably as well. Never underestimate the power of not filling your body with sheer garbage. Glad something is finally helping you.
Momo, I feel for you. I've watched my oldest suffer from migraines since she was four years old. She's now 18. Medicine doesn't work for her either. She can't keep it in her system long enough. You got it, she throws it up.
I think I'm going to recommend to her she cuts back on the sugar and see if this makes a difference.
Good luck to you and your quest for a migraine-free, or at least a migraine-almost free life!
My son gets migraines, so I can empathize. Good to hear the low-sugar has had some success.
sugar is just one of the very bad things we give to our bodies. I often 'daydream' about how wonderful I would feel if I cut all of that out...but then I stick another piece of chocolate in my mouth and remember why I can't!
Good luck and i'm so glad you've found something that works!
Oh so sorry to read this. That sucks. My mother had terrible migraines, so I know what you mean; although I have been lucky enough not to have inherited that from her.

Hope you are feeling better soon.
Glad to hear you've found something that works. My sympathies on having to give up sugary sweetness.
Hope you feel better!
Wait, are off the wagon, or on? If you are off, we will miss you. If you are on, we welcome you.
When my wife feels one coming on she consumes caffeine and takes a bath in as much darkness as she can.

Glad you found a path to less pain!
Followed you here from Twitter.

My 7 yr. old gets migraines and I am convinced that it is from corn syrup products and the weather.

It's not an easy task to get him off sugar when he and his two brothers are sugar freaks but I'm starting the battle.
So glad you are getting relief. I get menstrual migraines, and just those once or twice a month are horrid.

((Hugs)) to you and crossing fingers they stay gone.
So glad you are getting relief. I get menstrual migraines, and just those once or twice a month are horrid.

((Hugs)) to you and crossing fingers they stay gone.
honey nut cheerios are my favorite!
Yea....chocolate, probably NOT good for the migraine problems. Feel better!
Momo, cutting out the sugar all but stopped my migraines, too. I also had more energy, less muscle cramping, and less fatigue.

Stevia helps.
WHY does it always have to be something so enjoyable that causes problems?
Why couldn't it be brussels sprouts?
Why doesn't broccoli make us fat?
A great reason to eat healthy, right? My mom figured out recently that chocolate seems to cause her headaches as well, which has resulted in her giving up nearly all forms of dessert, because as she says, what's dessert without chocolate?
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