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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why My Head May Pop Off

If you are getting ready to go out of town to a conference and will be in three different hotel rooms over a course of three nights and you're an anxiety-ridden-worrier-insomniac who is freaking out about packing and bed bugs and making lists of instructions for home, make sure that the following happens in the two weeks before you leave...

1. Your mom moves...again.

2. You paint the interior of your mom's new house.

3. Your mom has surgery.

4. You schedule surgery for yourself.

5. Your dog grows some weird lump on her chest and it keeps getting bigger by the day.

6. Your daughter goes to camp for a week.

7. Your best friend's grandmother dies (not that you actually do anything for her, like make her family dinner or send a card.)

8. Your son starts behavior therapy.

9. Your son gets what you think is a urinary tract infection, but after a doctor visit and a pee sample you find out it's a too-much-soap-in-his-bath-infection, but he gets a prescription for antibiotics anyway, because he's that kind of kid.

10. You get chosen to have your writing honored at a gala reception.

11. You struggle to find something to wear to said reception.

12. You make sure to get your Ambien refilled.

13. You still don't sleep.

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Well, congrats on # 10, I'm a tad jealous.


Also, congrats. I can't think of anyone who more deserves to be honoured.
Hi Momo, coming over from Melisa's blog. Congratulations on Blogher Voice of the year. I really look forward to meeting you. Hope all goes well for you & your mom.
You can't do anything the easy way?

Congrats on your writing recognition - well deserved. I just wish I could be there to help you celebrate. Good luck!
Congrats! And I hope thing get a little more relaxing for you soon.
Honey - forget about packing. I'll bring enough burlap bags for the both of us!
you are gonna have such a FAB time! congrats on your writing being honored...that is uber awesome! Hope the craziness dies down soon
Congratulations! What an honor!
Ugh! That is a lot.

But big congratulations on having your writing recognized. You deserve it!
Yays on #10! I hear you on the bedbugs thing...I think about them pretty much any time I sleep in a bed that is not my own.

But congrats on #10!
Talk about multitasking! Congrats on being recognized for your brilliant writing.
you forgot one thing:

14. despite all these crazy things going on, you still manage to be the most incredible & awesome person on the planet.

;) fixed that for you.

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