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Monday, July 26, 2010

Then I Had Her Watch Friday the 13th

My eleven year old daughter is leaving today for a week at camp. Oh, sorry. My eleven-and-a-half year old daughter, because if you don't add the 'half' then you will get an eye roll. And, sometimes, a hair flip.

I went to this same camp in the sixth grade and had so much fun that, as the school bus pulled away from the cabins on the last day, I looked out the back window and cried as the lyrics to Dan Fogelberg's "Longer" danced in my head. The whole scene was like a bad, after-school special.

I know my daughter is going to have a great time. She is going to make new friends, have experiences she will remember forever and, so help me, none of those experiences had better include boys or someone is going to get hurt.

But, knowing she is going to have a fabulous week doesn't mean I'm going to miss her any less. She has been to overnight camp before, but never for a week. Sure, there will be less arguing and we won't run out of milk as quickly, but not kissing her forehead before she goes to bed each night is kind of going to make my heart hurt.

Of course, I knew she would feel the same way. Which was almost evident when I asked, "Are you going to miss us?"

And she replied, "Nope."

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I sure hope she doesn't go swimming at night or God forbid, head into the basement.
-->I'm going on the second week of not having my almost 4 year old at home. The saddest part of the day is walking to bed and not checking on him. Although he is having a great time at his grandparents' lake house.
I'm sure she will enjoy the camp and you don't need to be worry as long as you trust your daughter. Just tell her to be good and be careful. Sweet post huh? what a very concern mother. Thanks for sharing.
Oh that "nope" reply has me laughing, partly because I remember my son saying that when he was little. She will have a fantastic time, I'm sure.
Giggle giggle:) I completely feel your pain. I had a hard time just moving my kids bedrooms to the other end of the house! lol!

I hear ya on the "half" age thingy...My seven (and a half) is constantly correcting me.
They all lie!!!

LOL I'm sure she WILL miss you!

The idea of going away is always great. Being there and even while having fun, is "different". Thats where you come to mind.

I think anyway...
Good luck with the week away. I am sure she will have fun. I am sure when we get to those days my wife will have big problems.
I just caught up with your 4 last posts. And I was only intending to read one, since I'm at work. Curse you and your funny kids.
I hated camp! I want to blog about it, but everytime I sit down to do so, I end UP in therapy again. It sucks being a small child!


and I agree with busy dad, ur kids are a riot!
The first time my daughter left for a week-long Girl Scout camp, I was a mess. I don't think she thought about us twice.
Ah yes, the joys of sleep away camp. When I was 11 [and a HALF] - I went to 4H Sleep away for three weeks. And even though I hated admitting it, I missed my mom like crazy!
My 7 year old said something similar yesterday. SEVEN!!!
My oldest went off to science camp with the middle school at 11, and when the school buses brought all those kids back at once and people were milling around searching for their/their kid's bags, her teacher saw her being aloof because, you know, she was in public and all, and me standing there nearby, and the teacher, bless her, said, Come ON, go hug your mother!

And the kid did. Barely, but did. Right there in front of everybody, like everybody else her age wished they dared do.

I hope your daughter has a wonderful time!
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