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Friday, April 2, 2010

Things Spring Brings

Things that make me happy:

1. Easter.

2. Sunshine during spring break.

3. This surprise bouquet I received the other day. These flowers are pretty to look at and smell delightful.

Things that make me unhappy:

1. My dog, Daisy, who gets chronic staph infections and, this spring, threw in a yeast infection for good measure.

2. Vet bills totaling more than $800.00.

3. This shaved, yeast-infected neck. It does not look pretty and does not smell delightful.

Unfortunately, I only get to throw one of them away in five days.

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beautiful flowers... poor puppy!
Gorgeous flowers! What a nice surprise! That's rough with your dog. Hope it heals quickly and doesn't come back.
Poor Daisy :( But the flowers are beautiful!

Ouch. Interesting how it follows the pattern of that chain (said the hyper-allergic patient.)
ACHOO...ACHOO...ACHOO!! Phew...just looking at those flowers makes me sneeze my tushie off!!

Oh my stars...the poor doggie!! I hope Daisy feels better soon!!

Happy Easter!!
Your flowers are gorgous... you dog is cute too, sorry she's not as sweet smelling.
But they are both beautiful in their own way.
That's a sweet juxtaposition. Thank you. ;)

Happy Bea'ster!
Stinky doggy is cute, and slightly pathetic.

Ummm, would it be insulting if I said the same about that picture of your son?

I really hope you let him poop.

I really hope you share that photo with him in Jr. High!
Poor Puppy! At least the flowers are really pretty!
That is one cute puppy dog, yeast infection or not.
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