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Momo Fali's: A Tale of Two Dogs

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Tale of Two Dogs

Once upon a time there was a mistress named Momo who had two kids and a second set of kids who liked to do things like drink toilet water, eat squirrel poop and steal hamburgers right off the grill. That second set of kids are of the canine variety, though it is true that Momo's daughter also drank toilet water. Just that one time.

One day, Momo had the opportunity to attend a pet-blogging conference where she could meet a lot of wonderful writers, and pet owners, and companies with representatives who might just know what you can put on one dog's food to make the other dog stop eating its poop.

Momo's dogs were quite happy about this event! They were hoping that mistress Momo would bring home some treats, and some more treats, but more than anything they hoped she would come home and just throw the dang ball already.

The End.

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They look like they already miss you. Hope you have a great time.
There's such a thing as pet-blogging? Man, I think I need to get out more.
They look so sad! Throw the ball, Mo!
Awww. Poor babies. I bet no one ever plays with them (ha!). They do have an ability to look pitiful, don't they? They look like they are in time-out.
We had a Daschaund that liked to eat the cat's poop. It was disgusting.

Her breath could knock a buzzard off a crap wagon at 40 yards!

Your dogs are so cute!
Awwwwwww! Ahahahhahahahahaha
So, uh, if you figure out what the magic stuff is to get them to stop eating the poop you absolutely must spill it.

Love the picture! Cute kids.
Can you scratch them behind the ears for me until their legs start a-kickin'?
OMG, why are they so cute? They're cute on purpose, aren't they?
They've totally nailed the "Are we almost therrrrrrrrrre" look.
-->We have two labs and only one of them constantly wants to chase the ball. The other one is almost 14 and has lost of her giddy-up unless it's time to eat. Dogs.
That is perfect. That needs to be published somewhere.
So you're not going to share the secret that stops one dog from eating the others poop? I've heard tomato works!
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