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Friday, March 19, 2010

She Wasn't Hurling a Discus

On Wednesday night my husband and I picked up our 11 year old daughter from track practice.

She excitedly jumped into the back seat, began to buckle herself and without a hint of a greeting blurted out, "Guess what?"

I turned to look at her with her red face and hair falling from her ponytail, "What?" I asked.

"I ran in a 400 meter race against three boys from my class and I came in second. The winner only beat me by two seconds!"

"Wow, honey! That's great!"

"Yeah. I ran pretty hard and I sprinted really fast at the end...and when it was over I threw up a little bit."

I don't know if I have ever been more proud.

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Gotta love it!

I remember those days when my daughter was playing high school soccer. The success of an after school practice often was measured by how many girls puked after sprinting drills. It was a source of pride that they worked that hard.
Hell, I'm proud of her too!
It's the upchuck that makes it so special.

My memory of sprinting in school involves one of my early horrors. I was in the sixth grade and we ran at PE outside behind the school. We girls took off our vests to give us more movement when we ran. At the end, a bunch of boys shouted at me "Looks like Kathy needs a bra!" Told my Mom and we went shopping the next day for trainers.

Good times.
So cute! That's awesome!
That is awesome!! Good for her!!
What a great feeling for both of you! Glad to hear she is proud of herself.
ah, isn't that wonderful?
She will be in the olympics. That is the will to win that an athlete needs to be a champion.
She is going to be a great champion. Coach always says if you don't pike, you didn't give it everything you had.
That's a high five moment if ever I saw one.
Ha! Did she really say it like that! Hilarious! Really. You all should be a sit-com. You make even the depressing stuff worth a chuckle, Momo~
Right on. That's hard work paying off, and up, and out.
Now that's hard work!
Awww! Good for her! Congrats to your daughter on 2nd place!
That is so awesome for your daughter! Congrats to her! (Puking after a sprint means it was a good one!)
I guess it's better than puking a lot?
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