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Momo Fali's: Random Realizations: Water Park Edition

Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Realizations: Water Park Edition

My family and I visited an indoor water park over the weekend; here is what I learned.

1. If the water in the toddler pool is warmer than the big kids' pool, there is probably a reason for it.

2. Either having a lot of medical procedures has toughened up my son, or he is immune to pain, because after he got tossed off his raft in the wave pool, knocked over another kid as he tumbled under the water, slid along the ground for five feet and came up bloodied, he got right back on his raft.

3. Going down a slide in a giant family tube is a lot of fun.

4. If your friend is bitter because you're leaving the water park to go watch Ohio State play in the NCAA tournament and she says, "I hope they lose" and then they do, you'll hope she doesn't own your likeness in voodoo form.

5. Teenage girls should wear bigger bathing suits.

6. My son needs his back waxed.

7. I need to lose weight.

8. So do a lot of other people.

9. If your son is 43" tall and he climbs steps that are the height of his knees, and there are five flights of those steps to get to one of his favorite slides...that won't stop him from wanting to do it again and again.

10. Kids can go for hours and climb lots of steps on cold pop-tarts alone.

11. Later, they'll practically inhale an entire Big Boy franchise for lunch.

12. And they'll sleep peacefully all the way home.

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Sounds like a great time!

Well, except for all the blood and the back hair.
Sorry about the Buckeyes. I actually was thinking of you! When we were in the waiting room at the hospital in Dayton, I saw a copy of the Brooke Shields LHJ! I showed hubs your picture and letter, then tore it out to bring home! You are on my dining room table. That coral blouse is beautiful on you!
Sounds like one of the best weekends ever.
The LAST water park I went to was at Disney. Never again!

And, the only bad thing about living in the South, No Frisch's

I've been wanting to try one of those water parks. It sounds like so much fun! Pee in the pool notwithstanding.
It will all be worth it if you get to enjoy #12 as well. Sounds like a great family day of fun.
What was your favorite part, the peaceful all the way home, or extra warm water?
That sounds dreamy.
That sounds awesome. I can't wait for our outdoor water park to open.
Amen to number 5.
one word: HA!
Okay, now *I* wanna go!
On 7 and 8...

isn't it somewhat comforting to see those other people walking around, somewhat comfortable in their hairy, flabby bodies?

If not comforting, at least humorous?

I mean, I heard people laughing at me, so I feel good about making someone's day a little bit brighter.

An indoor water park?
My Orange County self is very confused by that concept.
I need to ponder this for awhile .....
My brother's family has passes to Coco Keys, so we've been there a few times. They said Great Wolf was even bigger. I can't imagine. I guess I'm getting old, because it was so loud and the smell of the chlorine really gets to me. I could just spend the day in the hot tub.
I think full bodied bathingsuits should come back in style. This would take care of the teeny weeny teenager suits and the back hair and the 25 pounds I need to lose.
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